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The best way to enhance your gaming experience is to improve your setup. Whether you play games as a hobby or you want to make a career in it, a great setup is a way to improve the overall experience.

If you’re going to stream your games on Twitch or YouTube, you’re going to need a few tools with you to look like an expert in your field.

The online gaming industry is on its way to the sky. To excel at your art and turn gaming into a full-time profession, you’re going to need some going gaming gears by your side. Here are the 10 most important things that make for the perfect setup.

1. Wired connection

There is no problem streaming over a wifi connection but an ethernet connection works way better. If other people in your locality use the same wifi service provider as you, then you’re more likely to experience slow internet speed during your live stream.

And if something goes off with the router, you’ll have to deal with connectivity issues.

A slow internet connection doesn’t help in enjoying a great gaming experience. Thus, you should switch to an ethernet connection as it has much fewer latency problems than a wireless connection.

2. Wireless mouse

When you’re gaming, you need fast command to get an edge over your competitors. A wireless mouse will help you to play at a higher speed. Also, this technology has better features and controls than a wired mouse which comes in handy when you’re practising.

3. Ultrawide monitor

An ultrawide monitor will give you a bigger view of your surroundings so you can easily detect where your enemy is. These monitors are the most useful in first-person gaming where the players can’t see their own gaming avatar.

You can also use three screens to make your whole setup. The screens on the left and right would be a lot cheaper as they’re only for your peripheral zone and expanding your view.

But, an ultrawide screen implies more exposure to blue light and higher chances of getting an eye strain. This is where your next gaming gear will come in handy.

4. Gaming eyewear

Gaming is not a one-time thing. Players practice for hours to learn all the skills and to master at a particular game. This means if you want to be a gamer, you have to be willing to put in all those hours into practice.

Gaming demands a lot of your vision. And when you indulge in it for hours, then it’s obvious that your eyes will get tired. But you can’t let eye problems get in the way of a win. This is why you should consider using blue light glasses that protect your eyes during screen exposure and eliminate digital eye strain.

Use blue light glasses during gaming sessions. Or you can also use gaming glasses that are specifically designed for people who are into gaming.

5. Professional Gaming keyboard

Your regular keyboard will work just fine while you’re giving it to your competitor. But, to outsmart and outperform your competition, you need to have something extra. A professional gaming keyboard will give you added bonus in the form of extra functions and features.

Professional gaming keyboards take key impressions …….

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