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If you are one of the lucky ones who have been able to find a PS5 before it runs out, congratulations! TOTime you have the latest Sony console at home, it’s time to complete it with some accessories as practical as they are cheap.

And is that the PS5 comes with an included DualSense controller that can fall short, as well as its storage, no matter how large it is. So if you want get the most out of your console, we recommend that you have not only an additional remote control, but also other accessories.

We have compiled a list of accessories for PS5 that you are going to need yes or yes, because we know that there are some extras that, if they are not absolutely essential, will at least help you enjoy the experience much more.

To keep your console cool, to charge your DualSense, to listen to every sound of your games and even to protect your PS5 from dust: these are The best PS5 accessories you can buy and with which, in addition, you will extend its useful life.

An additional DualSense

The first essential accessory for your PlayStation 5 is … An extra DualSense. Because the PS5 controller is strong and durable, but it does not hurt to have one to spare for what could happen. Above all, if what happens are … Guests!

If you want a contrast with the white DualSense, you can get the DualSese Midnight Black for 57 euros in PcComponentes, with immediate and free shipping if you have the option of Premium PcComponentes.

For 57 euros

A charging base for your DualSense

Now that you have your DualSense, How about a charging base to forget about cables? This charging base costs you 13.59 euros and provides a fast charge to your PS5 controllers. You can charge two controllers at the same time without the need to connect to the console, as the base works via USB and is powered by your PS5, but also from your PC and even from a power adapter.

It has red LED indicators to indicate that the controller is charging and blue to indicate that the charge is complete. It also serves to store the DualSense in an organized way and keep them close at hand in a safe place, since it is a portable base and with non-slip rubber feet. In addition, they have chips that protect the drivers from overcurrents, overvoltage and short circuits.

For 13.59 euros

A fairly long charging cable

This may sound strange, but considering that the charging time of the Dualsense goes to three hours, surely you will want to buy a fairly long charging cable like so as not to stop using the controller while charging it.

In Amazon there are up to three meters at good prices, like this one of 14.33 euros. More than enough. Do not lose sight of the fact that the one that is included measures just one meter. The port is USB Type-C, so there is no shortage of compatible cables.

For 14.33 euros

An Ethernet cable to improve the network connection

Cut lag in the bud with an …….

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