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February 11, 2022 by No Comments

While the Chiefs missed their chance to make the Super Bowl this year, the Bengals and 49ers will face off in Los Angeles. Here are some simple ways to bring the spirit of football into your Super Bowl Sunday celebrations. 

These fun recipes create the perfect game day plate.

These football-shaped Rice Krispie treats are perfect for an easy sweet treat. By subbing chocolate Rice Krispies for the original and adding some frosting as stitching on top, you have a creative way to style this classic dessert. 

If sweet isn’t really your style, these deviled eggs may be a great option. By laying some chives on top into a seam design, you can transform a classic dish into a game ready appetizer. 

With chocolate covered strawberries and a little extra finesse, you can have a dessert that works for the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day all in one. 

These DIYs can spice up any Super Bowl party.

These megaphones and foam fingers can provide the perfect accessories that will make you feel like you’re in the stadium of Los Angeles.

If you want to make the calls, you’re going to need the right equipment. With some penalty flags, you can feel like a real time referee. 

Join the cheerleading squad to give your team a little extra support. You can be part of the fun from anywhere with your very own pompoms. 

The tensions may be high, but you can add some extra competition with these at-home party games. 

A classroom classic can be a Super Bowl event. Here is how you can create the best paper football setup. 

Keep track of every player’s moves by marking them on your bingo card. You can make your own card or use a template. 

Do you think you know how everything is going to end? Fill out prediction sheets with your friends to see who really knows what the outcome will be. 

If you’re more of a word game fan, you can use these Super Bowl themed word searches. With 16 options of difficulty levels, everyone can feel like a winner. 

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