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Photo: Phillip Tracy/Gizmodo

The handheld console gamers have been dreaming about for years is now shipping. I’m referring, of course, to Valve’s Steam Deck, a portable handheld similar to the Nintendo Switch that plays PC games.

Despite running a Linux-based OS, the Steam Deck can play games made for Windows thanks to a nifty compatibility layer called Proton. Not only that, but the Steam Deck is a full-blown PC, capable of loading into a desktop mode where you can browse the web, download apps, and stream music. You can even install Windows 10 on the device in case the default Steam OS feels too limited.

With everything going on, the Steam Deck can be overwhelming at first. Thankfully, Valve included some neat shortcuts and features to ease you in. And with that, here are some tips and tricks every Steam Deck owner should remember.

Upgrade the storage with a microSD card

Photo: Phillip Tracy/Gizmodo

Even if you splurged on the 512GB Steam Deck, you’ll probably run low on storage space at some point. After all, certain triple-A Steam Deck-verified games, like God of War (70GB) and NBA 2K22 (120GB), require a massive amount of storage. Those who purchased the base 64GB Steam Deck could run into problems attempting to download just one title.

Fortunately, every Steam Deck version has a handy microSD card slot on the bottom for up to 2TB of expandable storage. The key is to find the microSD card with the fastest write speeds and largest capacity that fits within your budget. Consider brands like SanDisk, Lexar, and Samsung.

Turn off adaptive brightness

Photo: Phillip Tracy/Gizmodo

Adaptive brightness is one of those features that sounds great as a concept but rarely works as advertised. I found the constant brightness fluctuation to be too distracting and any battery life boost didn’t make up for it. It didn’t take long for me to disable the feature, and once I had, it remained off throughout the weeks I tested the Steam Deck.

If you need to adjust the brightness, you can do so from the quick settings or use the button combo trick described on the next slide…

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