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“Effie Trinket” should be a Met Gala theme.

Fashion is second only to bread in terms of how large a role it plays in The Hunger Games series. In the Capitol, citizens wear elaborate costumes that communicate their status as being above the physical labor that defines life in the Districts. After all, it’s tricky to pull off this turquoise suit in a coal mine.

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Meanwhile, those living in the Districts only get a taste of this sort of luxury in the worst circumstances possible: As one of 24 tributes in the annual Hunger Games. From interview gowns to tacky chariot costumes, tributes are forced to perform to get the attention of the Capitol citizenry, before they’re all dressed in the same uniform and tossed into the arena.

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With that in mind, I’ve ranked 15 costumes from the 2012 adaptation of The Hunger Games from “Get A Cannon Ready” to “(Briefly) Made Me Forget This Is A Dystopia.” The highly mathematical algorithm I’ve used to determine each costume’s placement is based on two factors: The impressiveness of its design and execution, and how much it contributes to the storytelling.

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Just so you know, this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the costumes in the film. I mostly chose outfits that are significant to the story or that immediately caught my attention during a rewatch.

UNRANKED: Seneca “I Hope Those Are Blueberries” Crane’s Beard O’ Evil.

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Facial hair isn’t an outfit, so it cannot be included in the actual ranking, but it would be a dereliction of my duty as a person writing about The Hunger Games not to mention it.  

Somehow, in a movie about teenagers fighting to the death, this beard is the one who woke up and chose violence. That is all.


Katniss’s Interview Dress

This dress is probably my least favorite costume from the franchise. Not because it strays from what the book describes, which is a gem-encrusted ballgown, or because the “fire” burning at the hem of the dress comes across as a half-hearted encore of the chariot costume, which already had its own special effects woes…

…but because it looks like an afterthought. Sure, Katniss isn’t the one making an unexpected declaration of love here, but that doesn’t mean she deserves a bodice that’s basically one big wrinkle.


Glimmer and Marvel’s Fuchsia Showgirl Chariot Costumes

The chariot parade costumes are all bonkers, and …….

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