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We work day and night in front of our laptops and computers. If it does not work, even for entertainment we find solace in front of our computer. Since we have made computers a part of our daily lives, here I bring to you 6 must-have computer accessories that are on sale right now. Amazon sale today is the best time to grab everything you want at slashed prices. So without any further ado, let’s get on it!

Here are 6 computer accessories from Amazon sale today

Scroll on to find useful computer accessories at slashed prices.

1. Portronics MPORT 31C 4-in-1 USB Hub

Explore an entirely new working experience with the Portronics Mport 31C USB hub. This 4-in-1 Type-C USB Hub gives you high-speed connectivity with up to 5Gbps data transfer speed. It makes multitasking easy and gives you added comfort while working.

Price: Rs 529

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2. Coconut WM12 Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

The Coconut WM12 has a built-in rechargeable 500mAh lithium battery. Also, the Intelligent Power Saving saving will make the mouse go to sleep when not in use. Press any button to wake up the wireless mouse.

Price: Rs 599

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3. Scarters Mouse Pad

A desk pad can help you in many ways. It has a comfortable resting surface ideal for typing, writing, sketching or gaming and is friendly for mechanical and optical mouse movement. Quick response for consistent in-game control. PU leather ensures no mouse lag while operating this mouse pad.

Price: Rs 899

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4. Laptop Cooling Pad 

ZEB-NC3300 is a laptop cooling pad that comes with a sturdy build and a retractable stand making it easier to use your laptop for a longer period. The structure is built in a way that gives an optimized airflow as well.

Price: Rs 599

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5. Proffisy Laptop Stand

This is a portable tablet stand machined made from aluminium alloy material, with rubber footing to prevent slippage and scratch damage to tables or desks and the surface of the bracket is covered with rubber protective stickers to avoid risking any scratches to your devices.

Price: Rs 1438

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6. Mozywa Portable Foldable Laptop Stand

The hollow frame of this stand allows airflow to avoid overheating and extends the life of your devices. Unlike other laptop stands it does not require cool pad for a laptop or laptop cooling fan or a laptop stand with the fan itself this is why it’s superior to all the other portable laptop stands.

Price: Rs 899

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Grab these cool computer accessories at a price drop from the Amazon sale today. They are everyday essential accessories that will make your work much easier and smarter. These products can also be an excellent gifting item for your workaholic friend.

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