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Whether you’ve been playing the Xbox since the first console was released in 2001, or you were lucky enough to score one for Christmas, there are plenty of ways to up your gaming experience beyond buying a new game. And now that we’ve added every accessory possible to our PlayStation 5 set up, it’s time to show our Xbox some love.

NOTE: Prices are accurate at time of publishing.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller, Pulse Red

Despite the Xbox coming with two controllers, you can personalise your game play with a controller that’s more suited to you. This Pulse Red controller comes with textured grips on the bumpers and triggers, a newly modified D-pad and has Bluetooth connectivity so you can use it with your PC or Android phone. 

Powerwave Xbox Controller Dual Charging Stand

Speed up your controller charging with this dual charging stand. The stand can plug into the console’s USB-A port, providing power to both controllers in the stand. The stand also has LED light indicators which will glow red when charging and turn green when fully charged and ready to go. 

Mcbazel Xbox Series X Cooling Fan with RGB LED Lights

Every gamer dreads their console overheating and potentially losing all their gaming progress if it turns off – which probably brings back some scary memories of the Xbox 360’s red ring of death! The Mcbazel cooling fan is designed to help reduce the chance of overheating. 

Designed specifically for the Series X console, the vertical cooling stand uses its 9cm fan outlets on each corner of the base to evenly blow cool air into the device. The fan has three different speed settings which are shown through the LED lights – glowing orange for a low speed, blue for a medium speed and green for a high speed.

It also features three extra lighting options for a greater gaming atmosphere. Best of all, there are three USB ports on the fan: one USB 3 port for data transfer and two USB 2 ports to charge your controllers or other devices like your mobile phone.  

Xbox Wireless Headset

These Xbox headphones are one of the most modern and intuitive on the market and perfect for play. They can pair directly to your Xbox console using the Xbox Wireless radio technology, and can also pair with your mobile devices via Bluetooth. 

Designed to optimise the entirety of gaming audio, the headset utilises spatial surround sound technology including Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic to create a more immersive experience. The earcups can rotate so the users can adjust the volume of the gameplay as well as the audio from multiplayer chat, while also having an auto-mute function that recognises when you aren’t speaking. The headband is adjustable for greater comfort in those long gaming sessions and has up to a 15-hour battery life.

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BUBM Xbox Series X Travel Backpack

If your friends aren’t as lucky as you to have their own Xbox Series X, then you can safely bring the fun to them with this console travel backpack. The bag is made of nylon and cotton that is dust- and water-resistant while also absorbing the pressure from any accidental bumps and drops along the way.

T Flight Xbox Series X Full Kit

The T Flight will make you feel …….



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