After Grindr Date Gone Wrong, MPD Sergeant Says He Was “Victimized” by Tallahassee Police – Miami New Times

One of Miami’s most influential police sergeants was suspended last month following a previously unreported incident in Tallahassee involving a man he met on a dating app, New Times has learned.

According to a January 11 Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) report obtained by New Times, Miami Police Department Sgt. Tommy Reyes, who is president of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) union and openly gay, was nearly charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after pulling a gun on his Grindr date after the man allegedly stole Reyes’ wallet.

Although police were dispatched to a reported robbery, TPD officers later established probable cause to charge Reyes. On February 17, Reyes was relieved of duty with pay pending MPD’s ongoing internal affairs investigation into the incident.

“I was a victim and I have nothing to hide but I cannot comment on an open investigation,” Reyes tells New Times. “I was a victim of a crime, and Tallahassee PD victimized me again.”

A TPD public information officer declined to comment on the case to New Times on Monday.

Reyes has led the local FOP chapter, which bargains with the City of Miami for union contracts for its police members, since 2018.

In an email to members of the Miami FOP last month, Reyes wrote that his suspension came after a complaint from an anonymous party.

“I was [relieved of duty] based on an anonymous complaint,” he wrote. “I cannot go into details as it is an open investigation, I will stand strong and tell you my brothers and sisters that I was the victim of a crime, and I am once again being victimized by some of our own people.”

“I was a victim of a crime, and Tallahassee PD victimized me again.” — Sgt. Tommy Reyes, Miami FOP president

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The police report details a violent altercation between Reyes, who’s 36, and his date, a “young Hispanic male,” at a Hampton Inn & Suites hotel while Reyes was visiting Tallahassee in January. The report is heavily redacted to withhold the names of Reyes and his date. But Reyes confirmed to New Times that he is the other party in the report.

According to the report, the date met Reyes at the hotel “anon,” meaning he entered the room while Reyes was turned around to not reveal his face, and that their sexual encounter went poorly. The date told TPD officers he pretended to ejaculate by spitting on Reyes’ back and took Reyes’ wallet before leaving because he was afraid Reyes would “mess with him.”

Reyes told TPD officers that when the date saw Reyes’ MPD badge and law enforcement credentials inside the wallet, the date began to send him messages on Grindr in an attempt to “blackmail” him.

The date told police Reyes had agreed to let him go on a “shopping spree” if he returned the wallet.

Reyes said he did no such thing, and that the date purchased several items from a Best Buy in Tallahassee using his American Express card without his permission, including computer gaming accessories and a $10 donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The tab came out to $1,310.71.

According to the police report, the two men met up later that day to exchange the wallet at the Hampton Inn parking lot. …….



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