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Tekkitake is an e-marketplace that offers premium electronic accessories, including international. The company is in talks with brands including Ferrari, BMW, Mini, and Mercedes Benz. In an email interaction, Ajesh George, founder and CEO, Tekkitake, told Times of India-Gadgets Now about the company’s key focus areas, plans and more.
Q. What are the portfolio of brands that you manage under TekkiTake?
TekkiTake is the house of urban premium accessories. We take pride in offering world class premium accessories. Some of the globally known international mobile accessory brands like Urban Armor Gear (UAG), Scosche, Zugu, Raptic, and our private own labels Raegr and Grestok, along with our strategic partnership with Kodak makes us different. We are in final talks with CG Mobile, France, to launch official licensed Ferrari, BMW, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Guess, US Polo, Karl Lagerfeld mobile cases and accessories. We are also in talks with other brands and OEMs that will soon get added to the portfolio.
Q. Is there any key focus of the online platform?
TekkiTake is a pioneer in D2C business and mainly leads the growth as leaders in Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Myntra, Nykaa and other premium e-commerce platforms. Our customers also love our website tekkitake.com and raegr.com.
Q. How, according to you, has the online gadget marketplace in India changed post pandemic?
D2C model has witnessed a massive uptick across the country as the number of users grew upwards of 200 million. Amazon itself claims to have grown its seller space from 180,000 to 1 million making it an interesting opportunity for us. People are willing to explore more with their gadgets and they are now willing to take a chance on what they feel is worth paying for to get the experience they want. We see a huge paradigm shift in the gadget marketplace across categories. Indian customers are moving up the ladder to what we believe is transitioning from being “budget cautious” to “value cautious”. They are buying our urban premium accessories more when they think that our product adds value to their experience.
Customers are investing more time on our social media channels and website. Traffic is good and conversions have gone up by 3-4 times. We see rise across mobile accessories, categories and high demand of premium quality products. Customers love us for our brands, product variety, quality and innovation in design and functionality.
Post Pandemic, the demand of mobile devices has increased greatly on online platforms which led to a subsequent increase in demand for online mobile accessories and that reflected in 200% growth TekkiTake witnessed post Pandemic period .
Q. What are the hottest-selling accessories on TekkiTake?
On TekkiTake, ultra premium cases from UAG for iPhone 12 and 13 series have good demand. Zugu iPad cases are one of the best available in market. Raegr Wireless Chargers are also popular. We have one of the biggest portfolio of wireless chargers in India. Our 3-in-1 wireless chargers are a unique product offering.
Q. What do you think is the key advantage that TekkiTake offers to customers?
One of the key advantages TekkiTake offers is the curated selection of premium international brands at different price points and categories for customers who are brand conscious and look for quality. Secondly the industry-leading warranty and after sales customer service that …….

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