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The Alienware Aurora has long been a favorite in the world of gaming PCs, and for good reason. It sports an attractive design laden with RGB lighting, offers plenty of high-end gaming muscle, and, most notably, is a breeze to upgrade with new components over time. The latest Aurora R13 doesn’t mess too much with this formula, but offers some noteworthy upgrades — particularly in the form of Intel’s new 12th-gen processors for even speedier everyday performance.

So, is it worth the splurge and can it hold up to the best gaming PCs out there? The Aurora R13 is definitely a big investment — especially if you trick it out with a top-end graphics card and processor — and it demands an equally large amount of space in your gaming area. Here are my thoughts after weeks of gaming and working on this futuristic behemoth.

A great all-around gaming desktop

The Alienware Aurora R13 is an attractive, powerful and easy to upgrade gaming PC with lots of configuration options for different types of gamers.

The who, what and how

Who it’s for: The Aurora R13 is for PC gamers who want lots of configuration options — and the flexibility to upgrade components without dealing with a ton of tools. It’s also ideal for folks who have a decent amount of space under or above their desks, because this thing is big.
What you need to know: The Alienware Aurora R13 is Dell’s latest flagship gaming PC, packing a stylish design with customizable RGB lighting and support for the latest Intel processors and Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Its big standout feature is upgradability, as you can easily pop the system open and swap most parts out without any tools.
How it compares: The Aurora is largely the most powerful gaming PC we’ve tested yet, offering a big leap over previous-generation machines and even outpacing similarly configured rivals like the MSI Aegis RS on gaming tests. It’s also one of the easiest to upgrade, thanks to its intuitive tool-free design. Alienware’s system is among the more attractive and understated we’ve tested, but it’s also one of the biggest, and won’t fit into your setup quite as easily as a compact option like the Corsair One.

A design that’s both futuristic and understated

Mike Andronico/CNN

The Alienware Aurora R13’s design is understated for a gaming PC — but that doesn’t mean it won’t turn heads. The desktop’s sleek white ovular design looks like a mysterious pod that dropped out of a spaceship, just …….



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