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If your not a fan of roguelikes or a casual fan of them…no.

If you are a fan of roguelikes… yes.

I rented it to find out as I dabble with a few roguelike games, mostly indie ones on Switch like Hades, Dead Cells, etc.

I am most certainly NOT a fan of the genre, but I love Metroidvanias and Diablo style ARPG’s, which the aforementioned games are similar to.

That said, those games are significantly cheaper, are more rewarding, and have what I would call an acceptable play time in regards to losing your progress. A really good run may set you back about an hour tops in Hades and Dead Cells, at least at my casual skill level.

In Returnal, you can loose up to 3 hours of gameplay in one run, and have ZERO to show for it. Again, at my casual skill level of the genre.

I was never able to beat the first boss. I played for about 12 hours, slowly exploring every nook and cranny and stealthily creeping as much as I could to avoid any and all damage. I was able to get a great run and made it to the steps of the boss room doorway thinking this is it, I’m finally beating this SoB and moving onto zone 2, only to have a stupid geometry collision glitch kill my run. That’s when I said…nope, I’m done!

This was my nope, I’m done moment…

It’s sad, because the gameplay is exceptional and extremely fun. If it was a game along the lines of a Dead Space 1 or 2, I’d have loved it. But it’s roguelike nature killed it for me.

I can accept its not a genre for me though, just like the soulslike games. I’m too old to care about having to ‘Git Gud’ and spend hours and hours redoing the same thing over and over again.

Hmm, that seems familiar? 🤔



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