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I bought the AndaSeat Dark Demon chair in November of 2020 because the pandemic looked like it wasn’t going anywhere and I was tired of sitting on the current chair. I was struggling with pain in my back, neck, and legs and generally not enjoying the home setup very much, mostly due to an office chair that was 14 years old and showing its age and usage. It was time to do something about it and the most effective option, with the biggest benefit I could think of, was a new chair.

Chairs are not cheap items if you want a good quality one and represent a real investment in your comfort and health. I eventually decided on the AndaSeat Dark Demon model due to the good reviews, ergonomic features, and how adjustable it was in terms of positions and movement. Another selling point for me was the idea that it was a ‘gaming chair’. It made sense to buy a chair that was used by people for long periods of time and made for comfort, whilst still having good looks and more attractive features than a boring old office chair with a blue fabric cover.


The Dark Demon chair is a good-looking item with bonded PVC leather which is scratch and stain-resistant. My chair can attest to this having been put through its paces by my cat who enjoys using it to sleep and stretch! Anda Seat uses the same leather material on their gaming seats as they used when they manufactured race car seats.

A few specifications on the Anda Seat Dark Demon Gaming Chair:

  • Maximum weight 200kg
  • Maximum height 210cm
  • Premium PVC leather
  • Steel frame with lifetime guarantee
  • Aluminium base
  • High performance class 4 hydraulic pistons
  • High quality, silenced PU rubber 60mm wheels


With a removable headrest and lumbar support cushion, the chair sports a headrest that is perfect for me as I am 5ft6″ and I can pull it down to provide support where I need it on my neck and upper shoulders. I like how it supports my neck as I am inclined to work like a manic tortoise with my head poking forward towards my screen. This encourages me to sit up straight and rest my head comfortably. I could not get on with the lumber cushion at all, finding it unwieldy and extremely uncomfortable. It felt like there was a giant ball pushing into the small of my back! The chair is great without it for me but you may find this to be different for you depending on your unique posture and needs.

AndaSeat’s Dark Demon is fully adjustable, this is one of its best features. The chair has 4D armrests which really do support your forearm by adjusting through a full range of positions. They move up and down, side-to-side, rotate, and move forwards and backward depending on what you need and find comfortable. This also makes the chair easy to store as you can adjust the armrests down and backward giving more space to store the chair …….



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