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SteelSeries won our inaugural Brand of the Year contest in July, thanks in part to its role in the Esports community. With origins tracing back to the halcyon days of Counter-Strike’s prime, SteelSeries has been at the forefront of gaming peripheral advancement—driven largely by a desire to innovate competitive play.

Gear made specifically for gamers is everywhere these days, but SteelSeries were the first to produce gaming headsets, mousepads, and mechanical keyboards. Every year, their products grow more responsive and durable, while retaining a sharp look that avoids being ostentatious. Their current product range covers a spectrum of prices and features, ensuring there’s special gear catered to everyone from casual players to hardened professionals.

Innovation earned them the nomination for our award, but it was ultimately their community work that pushed SteelSeries to the award podium. 100% of revenue from their Twitch channel, which currently boasts 131k followers, is donated to a different charity each month. Causes they’ve benefitted include Asian Americans Advancing Justice and the Trevor Project, both of which support marginalized communities.

Esports Gear (Reviewed items)

2021 has seen SteelSeries invest in their esports product lines. At the forefront is the Prime series, including three mouse variations and a special Arctis headset. The Prime Pro mouse saw a special Black Ice variant as well, in a collaboration with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Outside the dedicated esports line, SteelSeries also released their versatile Rival 5 mouse, suited for multiple genres of games, and the Apex 3 TKL keyboard, the first water-resistant keyboard in its class.

Here are some highlights of recent SteelSeries gear that CGM has reviewed:

Arctis Prime Headset – 8/10

“SteelSeries with the Prime range are delivering peripherals at a price you can’t beat, and the Arctis Prime is no different. While it may lack some bells and whistles of the more expensive headphones in the range, the company has found a sweet spot that makes these headphones an ideal entry point for eSports or just a gamer looking for no compromise gaming audio. If you want one of the best 3.5 mm headphones you can buy, look no further than the Arctis Prime, you won’t be disappointed.”

Prime Pro Series Gaming Mouse – 8.5/10

“…a light, well-built device that, while a bit tame in terms of presentation, still serves as a reliable wingman during fast-paced games as well as a versatile productivity tool. There are definitely flashier options out there, but if you are instead looking for more substance in place of the excessive bells, whistles and glowy bits that usually come part and parcel with gaming accessories, the Prime is an excellent choice.”

Rival 5 Mouse – 9/10

“This was an excellent balance between the Rival 310 I use normally and that other MMO mouse—more buttons, but placed organically, and less of a chore to reprogram my brain to use them. Factor in the price, and this is a slam dunk.”

Apex 5 Keyboard – 9/10

“There’s enough personality, comfort, and performance to make it feel premium, while not breaking the bank. Squeaky keys and loud clicks aside, the Apex 5 is a great budget keyboard that is fun to use, and has a real sense of personality to it.”

Prime+ Mouse – 9/10

“Even in the fast-paced world of Fortnite with the frantic kinetic action, I never felt like the mouse held me back from …….



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