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(Pocket-lint) – Asus’ gaming division, Republic of Gamers, has unveiled a slew of new products at its For Those Who Dare: Boundless virtual event.

First, there’s the ROG Strix Scar 17 Special Edition laptop. The standard model was introduced at CES earlier this year and is geared toward esports enthusiasts who demand extreme performance and high refresh rates.

The Special Edition variant packs even more power inside with a bump up to the latest Intel 12th Gen Core i9-12950 HX processor. A beefy 65W mobile chip capable of boosting up to 5.2GHz.

Of course, a processor like that needs some serious cooling, and so, Asus has collaborated with the high-end thermal paste manufacturer, Thermal Grizzly, to develop a high-performance liquid metal formula called Conductonaut Extreme. This new compound is used on both the CPU and GPU, and Asus claims it reduces temperatures by up to 10 degrees celsius compared to normal thermal paste.

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17 May 2022

It’s not just the inside that’s seen updates, though, the exterior features a special invisible ink pattern that only appears under UV light. Pretty unique.

Asus also announced a new edition to its Flow lineup, the Flow X16. This is a convertible thin and light gaming laptop with a 16-inch display.

Much like the Flow X13 that came before it, the X16 can be used in either tablet or laptop mode thanks to its 360-degree hinged design. It also has support for Asus’ XG mobile dock, which we tested with the Flow Z13 earlier this year.

The Flow X16 packs an AMD Ryzen 6900HS processor and an Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti into its tiny frame. Somehow managing to weigh in at just 2.1kg.

This high-end hardware is combined with a QHD 165Hz Mini LED panel with a staggering peak brightness of 1100 nits.

It wasn’t just laptops at Asus’ Boundless event, though, the brand also unveiled a new line of accessories.

The ROG Slash lineup features bags, headwear and a laptop sleeve. It wasn’t something we were expecting to see, but it all looks surprisingly cool and functional.

The products feature water-repellent TPU materials paired with oversized buckles and pink and blue accents. As with most ROG products, there’s a distinct cyberpunk vibe, and we dig it.

Finally, Asus announced an expansion to its ROG Citadel XV game, called Scar Runner. It’s a first-person parkour game with a puzzle element.

Those with the Special Edition Scar 17 laptop will be able to find clues hidden on the laptop itself, although we’re not convinced that’s going to be the reason anyone buys such a high-end machine.

The new laptops will be available from Q3 2022. The ROG Strix Scar 17 Special Edition will start at £3,999.99, pricing has not yet been announced for the Flow X16.

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