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The AYA NEO NEXT 2 replaces the NEXT, which has only just started shipping. (Image source: AYA NEO)

AYA NEO has revealed the NEXT 2, a gaming handheld that will be available with Intel and AMD processors. While the latter will feature RDNA 2-based iGPUs, AYA NEO plans to offer the former with dedicated GPU options from the Intel Arc Graphics family. AYA NEO has drawn heavily from the design of the Steam Deck too.

AYA NEO cannot stop announcing devices, having recently introduced the AYA NEO FLIP as well as launching a crowdfunding campaign for the AYA NEO AIR. Now, it has presented the NEXT 2, a successor to the original NEXT that the company only started shipping in April. While the AYA NEO NEXT relies on AMD Barcelo APUs with RX Vega iGPUs, its successor will come with two more advanced solutions.

Specifically, the AYA NEO NEXT 2 will be available with AMD Ryzen 6000 APUs or Intel Alder Lake processors. However, while one would expect the machine to rely on the latter’s Iris Xe graphics, AYA NEO claims that Intel versions of the NEXT 2 will ship with dedicated Arc GPUs too. Unfortunately, AYA NEO has not confirmed which dedicated GPU option will be present.¬†VideoCardz¬†speculates that the machine’s form factor will force AYA NEO to opt for low-powered solutions though, likely the Arc A350M or Arc A370M.

Additionally, the NEXT 2 appears to be a much larger device than its predecessor. Perhaps uncoincidentally, the AYA NEO NEXT 2 resembles the Steam Deck, with two touchpads and the usual assortment of controller buttons. Teaser images suggest that the AYA NEO NEXT 2 could have rear-facing buttons as well, plus pogo pins for accessories and even an unspecified dial. Currently, AYA NEO has not revealed when it will start selling the NEXT 2, nor for how much. Presumably, the company will reveal more details about the handheld within the next few weeks.

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