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The HP Elite Dragonfly G3 could end up being one of the best business laptops of the year. Compared to its predecessor, it has more powerful processors, a new 3:2 display, a much better camera, and a more subdued design, which some business users may prefer. But no matter how great a laptop is, there are always certain things you wish you could do. That’s where accessories come in, and we’ve rounded up the best ones you can get for the HP Elite Dragonfly G3.

There are all sorts of accessories you can buy for your laptop. From a case to keep the laptop safe while you’re traveling, to a second monitor to help you be more productive, or even an external GPU you can use for gaming when you’re at home, we’ve got it all covered here. You can use the list below to jump to a specific category you’re interested in.


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Monitors for the HP Elite Dragonfly G3

The display on the HP Elite Dragonfly G3 is very good for productivity. The tall 3:2 aspect ratio makes it much easier to get work done on it, and it requires less scrolling. But even with a great laptop display, it always helps to have a second screen. Multi-monitor setups are something multi-taskers swear by, and they allow to get that much more work done without having to juggle a bunch of open windows and apps. A monitor is one of the best accessories you can get for the HP Elite Dragonfly G3, and we have a few recommendations:

    This ASUS monitor is one of the best options you can get because it’s so versatile. It’s a large 32-inch panel with Quad HD resolution, so it looks sharp, but it also covers 100% of sRGB, 95% of DCI-P3, and it has a Delta E<2. It even supports VESA DisplayHDR 600 and it has a 165Hz refresh rate. This is a screen that can do it all.
    The HP U27 is a great monitor if you want to expand your workspace. It has a large 27-inch panel and it comes in a very sharp 4K resolution, which also helps more content fit on the screen and still look sharp. It had HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, but you can also connect wirelessly if you want to reduce clutter on your desk.
    An ultrawide monitor is one of the best tools to increase your productivity, as it makes it easier to open multiple apps side-by-side. Plus, this display has a sharp UWQHD resolution, it supports HDR10, and it has a 100Hz refresh rate so everything looks smooth. It connects via USB-C for so it can also charge your laptop and be a USB hub.
    If you’re in the market for a 4K monitor, this one from LG is a great choice. In addition to 4K resolution, it supports VESA DisplayHDR 400 and it covers 95% of DCI-P3. Plus, it connects via HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB Type-C which can also deliver 96W of power to your laptop.

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