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A lot has happened in the world of VR during the past few months, and the Oculus Quest 2 is now more powerful than ever—especially when you enhance it with game-changing accessories. When you have a gaming system that’s this good, you have to ask yourself: Can you make it even better? You sure can if you consider adding any of these products we’ve identified as the best Oculus Quest 2 accessories available in 2022.

Delve into fantastic VR worlds using the Oculus Quest 2 headset.


What’s great about the Oculus Quest 2 (check out our review) is that it’s inexpensive, easy to use, completely portable and able to play extremely immersive PC-caliber games. It’s also great for experiencing VR-based workouts and other simulated activities, like playing golf or fishing.

Whether you are looking for a more comfortable headset fit, a way to play PC VR games from Steam, accessories that’ll make certain types of games even more realistic, or an easy option for making your controllers rechargeable, a vast selection of options are available right now. Check out this list of 15 Oculus Quest 2 accessories and discover exactly what’s missing from your VR universe.

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Best Safety Mat For Oculus Quest 2

Stay Within Your Real-World Gaming Area While Immersed In VR

When you get too close to the edge of your play area, your Quest displays the Guardian boundary to keep you from running into a wall. But seeing that grid appear too often ruins the sense of immersion within your VR experience. ProxiMat offers a better solution. It’s a floor mat that delivers tactile feedback to keep you within the play area.

The anti-fatigue foam helps you feel where you are in the room. It’s also much more comfortable than playing on a hardwood floor. Plus, it offers a pair of raised buttons to help you orient yourself using your feet. Proximat offers several versions of its mat. In addition to this 35-inch diameter model, you can get a smaller “travel” version or a wide, dog bone-shaped pad designed for fitness games, like Supernatural and Beat Saber.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Headphones

These Earphones Offer Enhanced Sound Quality

Not everyone loves the audio built into the Oculus Quest 2. The speakers are weak and sound thin. In fact, almost any pair of headphones you plug into the VR headset’s audio jack will sound better. But external headphones are clumsy and are not too comfortable when you’re already wearing a VR headset.

There’s a much better option in Logitech’s aluminum-clad G333 VR gaming earphones. They’re optimized specifically for the Quest 2. Not only do these earphones sound great, but thanks to the silicone-tipped earbuds, they help isolate you by blocking outside sounds and ambient noise. Their best feature, however, is that the wires for the left and right ear are ideal lengths to reach each side, so you don’t have to contend with a lot of extra cabling getting in your way.

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