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When a PC build is complete, the only worry that’s left is to make sure everything around it is helping achieve a more convenient and enjoyable gaming experience. This is where a PC’s accessories come into play. 

Stands, racks, mouse pads, chairs, and other accessories offer solutions to many issues that can inconvenience PC gamers. Many of which are affordable and have longer lifespans than a PC itself.

The following items are some of the best PC gaming accessories.

Best headset stand

Gamenote RGB headset holder

Image via Gamenote

The Gamenote RGB headset holder is a helpful accessory that functions as more than just storage for a headset. With RGB lighting at its base, this holder can add flair to any gaming setup with minimal effort. 

Additionally, this holder proves to be multi-functional with three AC outlets and three USB ports. The extra ports make the Gamenote RGB headset holder a storage solution that can charge phones while functioning as a power strip for other accessories around it.

Best gaming mouse pad 

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

Image via SteelSeries

Almost no one builds or buys an entire PC without considering a mouse pad, and with good reason. There is no bigger buzzkill than not having enough room for mouse movement. 

The SteelSeries QcK mouse pad is produced by a trusted brand, comes in various sizes, and is usually below $20. For that kind of convenience and price, it’s difficult to find another accessory that’s will make a gaming experience more enjoyable for such a small investment.

It’s better to have plenty of mouse room that you might not need than to need plenty of mouse room that you definitely don’t have. Avoid coffee spills for the best effect.

Best external cable management solution

Topbooc cable management kit

Image via Topbooc

Every well-built PC will have solid cable management internally, but rarely are a PC’s cables managed well from the outside. PSUs, monitors, headsets, microphones, and other hardware, peripherals, and accessories add a large amount of wiring to a rig that can muddy what would otherwise be a clean aesthetic.

Topbooc offers a reliable solution to this issue in the form of its cable management kit. The kit comes with four cable sleeves, 100 zip ties, 10 cable clips, and two adhesive cable tie rolls that will make organizing a PC’s space an easy chore. 

Best cup holder

Enhance clip-on desk cup holder

Image via Enhance

The best way to avoid accidentally spilling your morning coffee while spam pinging your jungler is to keep it off your desk altogether. The Enhance clip-on desk cup holder is a simple accessory that mounts straight onto any desk surface and provides two compartments for drinks and snacks. 

If you accidentally smack the cup holder itself, then you might need a bigger desk.

Best gaming desk

Casaottima L-shaped gaming desk

Image via Casaottima

When the flick shots start coming in, a lack of space can hinder the gaming experience. Casaottima’s L-shaped gaming desk solves this issue in more ways than one. 

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