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PS5 stands
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The PS5 has been out for quite some time now. While finding one can be difficult, those who have been lucky enough to get one might now be looking into customizing their PS5 set up for the first time. With a new system comes new accessories, including different stands and ways to keep the PS5 protected or — most importantly — cool while you’re playing. Still, finding a great stand can be tricky. With that in mind, we’ve collected some of the best PS5 stands you can buy.

Keep it flat:
NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand

Staff Pick

One of the biggest problems many PS5 owners face is whether to keep it upright or lay it on its side. For those that may want to go horizontal, NexiGo’s option is a great substitute for the stand that the PS5 comes packaged with. It not only keeps the PS5 off the ground, which allows for better airflow, but it also features padded cushions for the PS5 to rest on while its in the stand.

$25 at Amazon

Keep things cool:
OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand

The PS5 is a big console, and a very powerful one. These two things result in some great game performance, but can also result in overheating if you’re not careful. OIVO’s case aims to provide a solution to that by including fans that plug into the back of the PS5’s USB ports. The fans then suck air down and out of the case, allowing for greater airflow to the system. It even comes with a place to store your games and charge your DualSense controllers.

$34 at Amazon

Multi-use option:
OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand With Headset Holder

OIVO has two versions of its cooling stand, the second of which comes with a different design that includes a place to rest your headset. The DualSense controller port is still included in this stand as well, although the controllers are inserted upside down instead of rightside up like in its other stand.

$39 at Amazon

PSVR compatible:
Benazcap PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan and PS Move Controller Dock

While Sony continues to develop its next iteration of its virtual reality device, the PSVR fans among PS5 owners need a place to store their accessories. Benazcap has them covered here. This stand not only also features cooling fans and a cooling function, but also sports docks for controllers, headsets, remotes, and even a PS Move Controller, should you want to keep it charged for your PSVR playtime.

$42 at Amazon

A sleek and stylish choice:
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