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Standing desks provide relief for those who are worn out by their traditional sitting desk setups. But switching to a standing desk may require grabbing a few accessories to make your setup as functional as possible.

Standing desk accessories cover a wide range of products. For instance, these can include anything from a foam roller to cable trays and clamping power outlets. There are plenty of options out there, but you’ll want to keep an eye on the size of certain accessories, their depth may conflict with your standing desk’s design.

Check out some of the best standing desk accessories and add-ons that can help you get the most out of your setup.

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It isn’t as though a stock monitor stand isn’t fit for a standing desk; however, securing your monitor or monitors to the desk is a concrete way to ensure your monitor or monitors don’t go anywhere. This mount from VIVO isn’t unlike many options out there, but its feature set and measurements make it slightly more ideal for a standing desk.

Standing at a desk and achieving the right viewing angle can be tough, especially for taller users. The VIVO adjustable mount features 20 inches of vertical adjustment, which is five inches more than many other standard mounts. It also features 20 degrees of swivel and 360 rotation, making it easier to find the right angle. On top of this adjustability, the mount also features support for up to 32-inch monitors and has built-in cable management.

As a bonus, the VIVO mount has a much different style than many other mounts. Preference will vary from user to user, but the thicker mount is unlike the standard metal tube design of clamp mounts but isn’t as chunky as gas spring arm options.

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Anti-fatigue mats are an important part of any standing desk setup. But some manufacturers take the anti-fatigue concept to greater heights. The TerraMat from CubeFit uses the formula that was established by Ergodriven’s Topo Mat and expands it with more standing room and 3D terrain features.

CubeFit’s TerraMat hosts two massage mounds for insoles, raised pressure peaks, support tracks to stretch the balls and arches of feet, a raised wedge for ankles, calves, and legs, as well as a balance bar. These 3D characteristics all have different benefits to help with fatigue and pain. But despite sounding crowded with features, the core standing mat is still quite roomy.

The only major difference between the TerraMat and other high-quality anti-fatigue options for standing desks is that it’s made of foam instead of the more durable polyurethane, which lasts much longer and stands up to heels. Still, the TerraMat comes with a satisfaction-guaranteed lifetime warranty to cover the user.

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VIVO’s under-desk keyboard tray offers a great deal of flexibility and will be compatible with most standing desks, thanks to the clamp mounting system. On top of its wide compatibility, this tray also features five height settings at .6-inch increments. This gives the user a bit more control in determining their ideal typing position. VIVO also gives buyers a bit more flexibility than other options out there, with three colorways to choose from: white, black, or light wood.

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A clamp-on LED lamp is ideal for standing desk setups for the same reason …….



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