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Best Xbox Series X Accessories That You Can Buy – From Controllers, Gaming Headsets, Storage, More (Image: MICROSOFT • GETTY ) This article contains affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

The Xbox Series X has been on store shelves for over a year now …but the in-demand Microsoft console is still really tough to come by. And with the recent Microsoft acquisition of Call of Duty makers Activision Blizzard, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s now even more interest in both the Xbox Series X and S consoles than before. If you’re one of the lucky ones that managed to pick up this powerful system during one of the restocks, then you could be looking for some extra accessories. And you have plenty of options to choose from, with some great controller and headset options out there, plus a few different ways you can get extra space for games on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. If you’re looking for some accessories for the Xbox Series X, has rounded up some of the options you need to consider…

Best Xbox Series X accessories – Controllers

Out of the box, you’ll have a single controller to use with your new Series X console. This latest design from Microsoft has been slightly tweaked compared to the previous generation, with the addition of a 3.5mm audio port to headphones without an additional accessory and a dedicated Share button, which can be used to take screenshots and video (or customised within settings to do anything else). But if you’re looking to get an additional controller for your Xbox Series X, then there are a few options from Microsoft you should consider.

The most cost-effective option is getting one of the standard first-party Xbox Series X and S controller, which comes in a range of colours. You can get these joypads in either the black or white that comes as standard with the Series X or S, which is priced at £54.99.

Or you can get these controllers in some of the other colours Microsoft offers like Blue or Pulse Red. Once again, these controllers will cost £54.99. But there are some other themed controllers out there that will fetch you back a bit more – such as the 20th-anniversary controller or the gorgeous Forza Horizon 5 joypad.

Xbox joypads have long been known to be an extremely comfortable controller, with great ergonomics that make it comfortable for playing for long periods of time.

So, going straight for a first-party controller – instead of a third-party one – is definitely your best bet.

Xbox Series X controllers are extremely comfortable, but rely on AA batteries – unlike some others (Image: MICROSOFT)

If you want the best Xbox controller money can buy, then the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 will be the one for you. This controller is priced at £159.99 – which is just £90 less than the price of the Series S – so you’ll need a hefty budget at your disposal.

However, you’ll be getting what you paid for: the Elite Series 2 offers pro gaming quality that’s built for performance, as well as huge customisation options. You can remove parts and replace them with others to create over 30 different ways to use the Elite Series 2 controller.</…….



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