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  • 1 – Absolute Hot Garbage
  • 2 – Sorta Lukewarm Garbage
  • 3 – Strongly Flawed Design
  • 4 – Some Pros, Lots Of Cons
  • 5 – Acceptably Imperfect
  • 6 – Good Enough to Buy On Sale
  • 7 – Great, But Not Best-In-Class
  • 8 – Fantastic, with Some Footnotes
  • 9 – Shut Up And Take My Money
  • 10 – Absolute Design Nirvana

Price: $579

Chazz Mair

Mobile Gaming has come a long way from those Java-powered flip phone games, and holding Xiaomi’s Black Shark 4 Pro in my hands is a firm reminder. It maintains the sleek design of a standard smartphone, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find a powerful machine for the gamer on the go.

Here’s What We Like

  • Snapdragon 888 Processor
  • Convenient shoulder buttons
  • Lightweight with a big screen
  • Responsive display

And What We Don’t

  • Odd user interface
  • Last-gen Snapdragon Processor
  • Unimpressive camera

Design and Display: Created for Gaming

  • 6.67-inch E4 AMOLED Display, 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 76.35 x 163.8 x 9.9mm
  • USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack

With its 6.67-inch, 144Hz AMOLED display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor, the Android-powered Black Shark 4 Pro is powerful enough to handle anything you throw at it.

That 144Hz refresh rate is perfect for gaming as it keeps the image on the screen extremely sharp, even in fast-paced scenes. Normally, with a phone at this price point, you’d expect something like a 60Hz display, meaning the image you’re seeing only updates 60 times every second. 144Hz is over double that—which can improve your reactions by at least an extra frame.

Powering the phone is the Snapdragon 888 processor, making the Black Shark 4 Pro lightning-quick, allowing it to run popular multiplayer games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Nova Legacy with ease.

Chazz Mair

Speaking of which, the Black Shark 4 Pro has convenient pop-up triggers embedded in the phone’s sides. They’re placed right where your index fingers naturally rest when holding the phone in landscape, which is excellent for high-intensity gaming. I even found myself using them in slower-paced games because the buttons were just that comfortable.

There are little slides that reveal the buttons, and these tend to slip open when holding the phone vertically. Thankfully, I never found their existence uncomfortable. There were just a few times when they caused me to go to the wrong tab. It was the kind of thing I got used to, but I could easily see it getting annoying over time.

The buttons and their switches wind up taking up a significant amount of space on a phone that really isn’t the largest. The back features a matte finish and a customizable light-up display that will usually get covered by your hand, but it does look nice on a desk.

At 163.93mm long, 76.35mm wide, and 9.9mm thick, it’s a slim phone that fits nicely in your hand and pocket. There are larger gaming phones like the Asus ROG Phone 5, but if you don’t mind a more standard size, you really can’t go wrong with the Black Shark 4 …….



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