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Besides PC cases and other peripherals, Cooler Master makes gaming chairs. Its entry-level chair, the R1, lacks high-end features, such as a tilt function or four-direction adjustable armrests, but it’s comfortable, and at $249 to $279 for the alternate-patterned, physically identical R1S we tested, quite affordable. The R1S is a good budget choice, but Cooler Master’s higher-end Caliber X1C—an Editors’ Choice pick for gaming chairs—is far superior in design, features, and build quality.

The Caliber R1S is available in black with gray or purple camouflage highlights, black with pink highlights, or white with pink highlights. Those are the “special” options, but you can also choose black with purple, red, or white highlights with the otherwise identical Caliber R1 chair.

Standard Gaming Chair Assembly

The R1S’ assembly is the standard process you’ll find with nearly every other gaming chair. You bolt the chair back to the seat, then bolt the armrests and mounting plate to the bottom of the seat, then pop the wheels and gas cylinder into the base, and finally set the chair on top of the gas cylinder. Every conventional gaming chair requires these steps, though some chairs courteously ship with the mounting plate or armrests pre-attached to the seat.

As usual, the most irritating step is attaching the chair back to the seat. That’s due to the components’ size, and how the seat brackets must be aligned with screw holes on the back that are hidden behind holes in the upholstery. We’d like to see more brands adopt Secretlab’s technique of attaching rectangular plates over the holes on the chair’s back to make aligning the bolts easier.

Capacity and Adjustments

The R1S has a recommended 192-pound weight limit, and a maximum 330-pound weight limit. Gamers standing between 4’11” and 5’11” will find it comfortable. The seat is 20.9 inches wide and 22.4 inches deep, and the backrest is 22.4 inches wide and 32.3 inches tall.

For adjustments, the R1S sticks to the bare minimum. The chair’s height can be set between 17.7 and 20.9 inches using the gas cylinder like all gaming and office chairs. The back can recline between 90 and 180 degrees using the lever on the seat’s right side. The armrests’ height can be tweaked with the press of a button under either one. That’s it for the ergonomic customizations. The R1S lacks a chair tilt feature like the one in the Cooler Master Caliber X1C, and the armrests can’t be moved forward-back, left-right, or rotated to different angles.

Solid Frame, Light on Foam

The R1S features a foam-wrapped steel frame with faux leather upholstery in gray-white or purple camouflage patterns. The leatherette is supple and soft, and lined with holes for breathability along the back and seat where your body would make contact with it. The padding is comfortably soft without feeling flimsy, and the foam in the seat and back is extra thick. All but the center of the seat is foam suspended across the chair’s frame, though, so it doesn’t feel nearly as dense as Secretlab’s chairs.

Lumbar and head cushions are included with the R1S, letting you add a bit more support to your lower back or head. The lumbar cushion’s foam is dense and firm, while the head cushion’s foam is much softer. Both are covered in the same faux leather as the chair itself, with the same gray-and-camouflage patterns.




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