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Corsair is giving the world a new way to focus on its gaming experiences and needs, particularly with its recently announced display technology. Corsair’s Xeneon Flex focuses on a unique experience for all, aiming to allow gamers to set their display preferences via the hardware, a screen that can bend to a curved screen for one’s desires.

Corsair Xeneon Flex: Bendable OLED Gaming Monitor 

(Photo : Corsair)

The famous Fremont, California-based company that produces gaming accessories for the world is now debuting a new display technology for all. According to Corsair’s news release, the company unveiled the Xeneon Flex bendable OLED gaming monitor that answers the different needs of gamers on their display preferences. 

It is one large gaming monitor available for gamers, as it brings a 45-inch screen that LG manufactured for the company, with the design and concept coming from Corsair. It offers a 3,440×1440 resolution (21:9 aspect ratio) on its 45-inch display, featuring one of the best display specifications in the industry with LG’s OLED.

Corsair claims its display can output up to 240Hz refresh rate, fully compatible with both NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium adaptive sync standards. 

According to Engadget, the prototype features handles on the side for easy bending.

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Corsair is Giving You the Best of Both Worlds

Why choose between two gaming monitors when you can get one that brings the “best of both worlds” that maximizes its display features in one device?

(Photo : Corsair)

Yes, Corsair assures this for the public as users can freely bend the device from being a flat gaming monitor to a curved display, and it could work for those that are not yet accustomed to the new experience of computer gaming. 

Corsair’s Gaming Innovations for All

Corsair is one of the world’s top gaming-focused companies that bring different hardware and peripherals for gamers to enjoy, all providing the top-tier gaming equipment they need. Some of its top developments for the world focus greatly on gaming equipment, including a water cooler for CPUs, a device that is affordable for all but does not sacrifice quality. 

The world saw different companies focusing on gaming equipment and accessories for their needs, including Razer, Steel Series, ASUS’ Republic of Gamers, and more. Among those companies, Corsair holds a sweet spot among gamers’ preferences, especially for its quality gaming mice, widely available to the market. 

Choosing one’s gaming monitor is challenging, as it would be the visual element that would bring their setup’s power into action.

The good thing is that gamers do not need to choose between a flat display and a curved one with Corsair’s recent offer with the Xeneon Flex, a device that can do both. It mainly focuses on the foldable display’s characteristics and properties, which manufacturers have only applied for smaller devices like smartphones. 

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