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Cyber Monday is traditionally (if “traditionally” can be applied) the Monday after Thanksgiving in the US, when office workers return to their work PCs for online shopping. It means a lot less now that everyone is shopping online pretty much all the time (including the usual retail-heavy Black Friday), but there are still a lot of online retailers with featured deals going on.

How will supply chain problems affect Cyber Monday gaming deals?

A combination of semiconductor shortages, a cryptocurrency market boom, and annoying scalpers have driven up demand for both recent game consoles and graphics cards. That means that if you’re hunting for a deal on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, new OLED Switch, or any kind of Nvidia or AMD graphics card, you’ll be disappointed. Frankly, you’ll be incredibly lucky just to find these items in stock at their retail prices. 


Other gaming items, especially individually sold games themselves, will be less affected. You should still be able to find deals on most computer components (with the possible exception of the newest and most powerful CPUs), and gaming accessories like keyboards, mice, monitors, speakers, and controllers. Stock may be more limited—and prices somewhat higher—than experienced shoppers are used to. 

What follows is our catch-all omnibus for gaming hardware. PCWorld also has dedicated Cyber Monday deal pages for mice, keyboards, monitors, standard laptops, Chromebooks, and all sorts of other stuff.

Cyber Monday game console deals

Xbox Series S


From: Best Buy
Retail Price: $299.99

Best Buy appears to have a solid stock of Xbox Series S units shipping to at least some areas, with a smattering of retail availability. Other retailers might also have a few units, but don’t hold out for a Series X.

Xbox Series S at Best Buy

Cyber Monday gaming desktop deals

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop


Was: $650
Now: $550 ($100 off)

This Ryzen-powered entry-level gaming PC won’t bust any benchmarks, but it’s a great place to start if you’re on a budget. You can add a GTX 1660 Super graphics card for under $100, or a newer RTX 3060 for just $320.

See the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop at

ABS Master Core i5 RTX 2060 Gaming Desktop


From: Newegg
Was: $1300
Now: $1100 ($200 off)

This mid-range desktop is running an older graphics card, but otherwise has some pretty great parts and a great platform for more powerful upgrades.

Buy at Newegg

Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals

Lenovo Legion 5 17.3-inch Gaming Laptop


From: Walmart
Was: $910
Now: $699 (23% off)

Entry-level gaming laptops are hard to find, especially with big screens. This Lenovo model will handle most games at low settings without breaking the bank thanks to its GTX 1650 GPU.

See the Lenovo Legion 5 at Walmart

Asus TUF Core i5 Gaming Laptop


From: Walmart
Retail Price: $799

This laptop is such a …….



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