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Dbrand, an accessory maker partner of Sony, is now mocking the gaming company’s latest “Midnight Black” PlayStation 5 faceplates.

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The manufacturer claimed that the plates for the in-demand console are off-color. Sony and Dbrand are no longer on good terms since the console creator threatened the gaming accessory designer to pull out its products.

The gaming company specifically referred to Dbrand’s faceplates featuring the production configuration of SIE’s PS5 faceplates.

At first, Dbrand released the alternative coverings for PlayStation 5 called “Darkplates.” However, Sony forced the manufacturer to stop its sale since it is very similar to the Midnight Black plates.

Dbrand Mocks Sony’s PS5 Midnight Black Plates

According to Game Rant’s latest report, Dbrand still discovered a way to mock the latest accessory of Sony for its popular PS5 console.

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Since the Dbrand’s Darkplates received a “Cease and Desist” order from the gaming company, it decided to retweet a comparison made by a Twitter user, Cinco9_.

“PlayStation 5 Cosmic Black covers are more like… Dark Blue? Here they are compared to @dbrand DarkPlates. Very disappointed with this @PlayStation the color doesn’t even match the DualSense shade,” captioned in the Twitter post retweeted by Dbrand.

On the other hand, below is the actual statement made by Dbrand after it reposted Cinco9_’s tweet. 

Why is Midnight Black Off-Color?

It is still unclear if Sony made a production mistake when manufacturing the available units of PS5 Midnight Black console covers.

But, some rumors suggest that its actual appearance is the correct color, meaning that the faceplates don’t match their DualShock controllers. Meanwhile, some critics also want to know if the other color variants of Sony’s new PlayStation 5 coverings match their DualShock controllers.

They added that if the other faceplate variants also don’t match their respective DualShock controllers, it will still be another interesting scenario. Since the issue between Dbrand and Sony is still unresolved, you may still see some statement attacks from the accessory maker against the gaming company. 

In other news, PlayStation’s Ken Kuratagi announced that he disagrees with the idea of the metaverse. Meanwhile, Sony wants Activision Blizzard’s games to remain on its popular PlayStation consoles.

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