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Disney Dreamlight Valley is proving incredibly popular with everyone who plays it thanks to its laid-back and cosy feel. As you might expect, there may be the chance to utilise some free codes on offer from time to time.

We’ll keep track of any free codes whether they’re for Star Coins, cosmetics or just general freebies! Here’s everything you need to know about the available codes and how to redeem them.

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Free Codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley

As Disney Dreamlight Valley only launched this week, there are no codes currently available to redeem but this could change at any time.

There are, however, some freebies that you can claim by logging on and playing during the game’s first week.

There are also 25 Dream Shards being sent to all players via mail this week. There was no explicit reason given for this gift but it may be down to the multiple issues the game has faced (and are now fixed) since going live.

We’ll keep you updated should any official codes be released as well as detailing what the code is for.

How to Redeem Codes on Disney Dreamlight Valley

When codes become available, you’ll need to know where and how to redeem them! It’s not totally obvious but it just takes a little bit of searching in the menus to find out where they go.

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Head to the options menu and switch across the different sections until you reach the settings tab. Within this menu, you can see a redeem code box and you just need to pop any code you have in here and hit the claim button.

The existence of this box leads us to think that there should be plenty of Disney Dreamlight Valley codes coming down the line. All main purchases are done through each platform’s digital storefront.

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