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The way that recent generations of consumers treat(!) their dogs is vastly different than those who have come before. It’s gotten to the point that it’s memeable.

There are a handful of new pet veterinary services out there, such as Bond Vet and Small Door, and pet food companies have gotten into the mix in a real way, including Farmer’s Dog and Spot & Tango to name a few.

Fable, on the other hand, is thinking about the accessories a pup parent needs to stay sane in an urban environment, including collars, leashes, crates and toys. The company just raised $9 million in Series A, led by 14W, with participation from Female Founders Fund and Slow Ventures. And that fresh cash shows that its plan to build dog accessories that work together as an ecosystem is a smart one.

The New York-based startup is riding the waves of both pandemic-fueled puppy purchasing and the trend in how millennials take care of their pets. Like, you know, living, breathing companions.

But rather than focus solely on the pets themselves, Fable also makes a conscious effort to think of the pet parent, as well.

Fables products are all designed to make caring for a pet easier and more aesthetically pleasing, to boot.

The company launched with a collar and a leash, and then evolved to a new kind of hands-free leash called the Magic Link. Anyone who has tried to multitask getting coffee and walking the dog at the same time can quickly realize the value in a hands-free leash.

Image Credits: Fable Pets

Fable then expanded to other use cases around caring for a dog, including a crate that can double as a side table by the bed, a dog bowl, a poop bag dispenser (that is durable enough to not need replacing after a few months) and, importantly, toys.

In fact, Fable’s best selling product is a game aptly called The Game. I have one for my puppy that has been an actual godsend.

The Game has a weighted bottom and a silicon frame wherein you can put up to a cup of kibble or treats. Inside, there is a sliding mechanism that lets you set the difficulty for your dog. From there, the pup activates both their play and their prey drive and can stay occupied for quite some time.

I’ve had other treat-dispensing toys for my puppy, including puzzles and balls, that are either too easy for him (earns me five minutes) or are cheap and super loud. The Game seems to solve for those two problems.

Fable also released a toy called the Falcon, which dispenses treats through a small slot that the puppy has to squeeze to make open. Falcon is good on its own, but you can chain together multiple Falcons to create different, more difficult games for your little gal or guy.

All of these products are designed to look good in a small space, with matching earth and jewel-tone coloring.

This is where the real genius of Fable lies.

One product leads to another. Once you’ve purchased the essentials — a collar and leash — it makes sense to buy a matching toy or poop bag dispenser from …….



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