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EVGA proposes an open air frame made of high-grade carbon fiber. (Image Source: EVGA)

The E1 beast from EVGA packs powerful components like the unreleased RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin edition and Z690 Dark Kingpin mobo with overclocked i9-12900K processor, but it is also quite lean with a custom open air carbon fiber frame and patent pending independent suspension system comprised of steel cables.

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EVGA is known to pioneer quite a few technologies for GPUs, including the first Heat Pipe Cooling system for graphics cards, iCX and 4-way SLI. The company then branched out into power supply units, motherboards and even gaming peripherals, becoming a reputable all round gamer-oriented hardware supplier. Just recently, EVGA started exploring PC builds complete with cases and cooling, and the latest achievement in this field is the E1 extreme gaming rig that is advertised to be extremely limited and available solely to EVGA Members.

The E1 components are clearly next level when it comes to performance, but what really sets this rig apart is the case. Instead of opting for a regular closed case, EVGA offers a custom built open air frame made of 100% 3K Plain weave carbon fiber that incorporates a patent pending independent suspension system comprised of steel cables. Total weight for the frame is 2.76 lbs, among the lightest out there.

Spec-wise, the system integrates enthusiast-grade components like the unannounced RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin edition with 360 mm AIO, an unreleased Z690 Dark Kingpin mobo featuring an overclocked i9-12900K with separate 7th gen AIO cooling, an 1600 W Titanium PSU with limited 3K carbon fiber finish and an analog gage that displays GPU / CPU utilization and temps. EVGA also offers a premium gaming keyboard with mouse, plus other accessories like a keychain.

No info on pricing, but we can expect some hefty figures bumped by the limited nature of the system.


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