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Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Whether you bought the Meta Quest 2 for yourself or received it as a present, you have every reason to be excited. It’s a joy to use, and unlike wired VR headsets, it’s a device you can basically pick up and play without much fuss or setup.

That being said, the Quest 2 has a surprising amount of depth if you know where to look, from experimental features like wireless PC VR gaming to handy shortcuts that aren’t written down in the startup guide. Then there’s its huge library of hundreds of games, many quite expensive or intense for first-time VR gamers, making it hard to know where to start. And the Quest 2 can be uncomfortable to use for long periods without the proper Quest 2 accessories to support you.

We’ve used the Quest and Quest 2 for years, and know all of its tricks, shortcuts, and settings you’ll need to get the most fun out of it as possible. Armed with our Quest 2 beginner’s guide, you can’t go wrong.

Set up your headset and accounts

One thing we appreciate about the Quest 2 is that its set-up process is incredibly straightforward. Once you unbox it, plug it in to full power, until the indicator light on the headset’s right side switches from orange to green. While you wait, use a ruler to measure your eyes’ interpupillary distance (IPD). The Quest 2’s lenses have three IPD settings — 58mm, 63mm, and 68mm — and you’ll want to slide them to the close-together, middle, or far-apart presets based on your measurement.

Once that’s done, download the Oculus app on your Android phone or iPhone. For now, you’ll need a Facebook account to sign up and create your Oculus account, though Meta will remove the requirement sometime in 2022. With your Facebook/Oculus credentials, you’ll be ready to put your headset on; from there, it’ll guide you step-by-step until it’s ready to use.

If you live alone or are the only VR fan in your household, you can dive right in. But if your other family members want to hop in on the fun, you’ll want to set up multiple Quest 2 accounts. This ensures each user has their own partitioned save files and leaderboard scores for games; and because the Quest 2 supports app sharing, any game bought on the primary account is free to access on the other accounts.

Map out your VR environment

Source: Meta

The more you become immersed in virtual reality, the harder it becomes to remain aware of your real-world surroundings. To avoid breaking your TV or hurting yourself in VR, you’ll need to clear out a safe space in your home free of obstacles. Ideally, you’d want a circle of cleared space with a 9-foot diameter, but many people make do with far less space.

When you first set up your Guardian boundary, if you choose roomscale, it’ll ask you to draw a circle around you where it’s safe to play. After that, if your head or controller approaches the border, a barrier will appear to warn you. If you open your Settings menu and go to the Guardian section, you can adjust how close you get to the Guardian before it appears.

While the Guardian is a start, …….



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