Ford lets Maverick truck owners 3D-print their own cup holders and FITS accessories –

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The Maverick pickup truck gets 3D-printed cup holders (image: Ford)

2022 Maverick pickup owners will be delighted to hear that the CAD files needed to 3D-print their own accessories for the Ford Integrated Tether System have been open-sourced by the carmaker. The system of slots in the Ford Maverick truck that lets them add cup holders, storage bins, and many more, has now been opened to the creativity of anyone with 3D-printing skills.

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Just like Valve posted the drawings needed to make your own Steam Deck console shells, Ford has now officially released the CAD files necessary to 3D-print your own accessories for its new 2022 Maverick pickup truck. With the 3D-printing files, Maverick owners can take advantage of the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS) that consists of a number of slots situated around the rear central console and under the front seats, which lets them mix and match various useful add-ons like storage bins or cupholders.

Ford offers a number of FITS tchotchkes available to purchase separately, but since the modular system became available a few months ago on the Ford Maverick truck, 3D-printing aficionados have been creating their own. These include phone, cup, and even Nintendo Switch holders, various hooks or brand new FITS slots to put at places Ford hasn’t thought about in the Maverick or other vehicles.

Now that Ford has officially open-sourced the FITS CAD files, anyone with the time and 3D-printing skills can start creating their own modular accessories, or task a 3D-printing service to make what’s on their mind. Or, as Ford encourages its customers: “put your imagination at work.”

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Ford’s FITS accessories

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