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PRESS RELEASE. GAIMIN has developed and successfully trialed an app to monetise the underutilised processing power found in high performance PC’s, creating a supercomputer level, distributed data processing network by harnessing the worldwide availability of high performance GPUs.

GAIMIN’s target audience is the PC gamer. Gamers have the high performing devices in their gaming PCs, which are required by GAIMIN to create the distributed data processing network. Accessing these devices when they are not being used for gaming is key, with GAIMIN rewarding users for allowing their devices to be used. Rewards are in the form of GAIMIN’s own cryptocurrency, GMRX, which will imminently be listed on exchanges and therefore provide a gamer with either a fiat-based monetary value for their participation, or an accumulating reward that they can spend on accessories, merchandise or in-game assets, including NFTs.

In research, GAIMIN found that gamers only use their computers for around 4 hours per day, leaving them switched on, but inactive. GAIMIN’s app identifies devices which are not being used for gaming and puts them to work, creating a distributed data processing network and providing passively earned rewards to the gamers allowing their devices to be used. During initial trials, GAIMIN users could generate over $30+ per month, with earnings increasing depending on a number of factors, including GPU performance, number of hours the GPU is active, number of hours spent gaming. In trials, some users with the top level GPUs, could generate over $100+ per month.

Rewards are paid in GAIMIN’s crypto currency, GMRX, which accumulate over time and are never “lost”. GMRX can be used to purchase gaming assets, including hardware, merchandise and NFTs from GAIMIN’s marketplace. With an exchange listing imminent, GMRX can also be used to purchase other cryptocurrency or sold to withdraw as a fiat currency via the exchange.

Maximising rewards for gamers

In order to incentivise users to continue participating in the GAIMIN network with their devices, GAIMIN is continually improving its AI-driven platform to identify the most profitable use of the available devices within the network and maximises the rewards returned to users and the company. GAIMIN currently uses this network of processing capacity to ‘power blockchain computations’, commonly known as mining. Blockchains form part of the underlying technology behind new advances such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse. Using AI, the GAIMIN platform selects the most profitable blockchain to power and returns upto 90% of the rewards back to users. GAIMIN has already trialed other uses for the data processing network and successfully delivered video rendering services. GAIMIN intends to extend the functionality of the application, enabling businesses to run high-demand data processing tasks without major infrastructure changes.

As a gaming company, GAIMIN is developing a range of products and services for gamers. This allows users to utilise their GMRX earnings as in-game currency and acquire in-game assets for gaming advantage. Key to GAIMIN’s philosophy is ensuring the gamer has a continuing engagement with GAIMIN predominantly through GMRX and its ability to be easily acquired (outside the game), used within the game, or transferable to other games or used to obtain other crypto or fiat currency.

Introducing GAIMCRAFT

GAIMIN’s approach for ongoing gamer support is called GAIMCRAFT. In simple terms, GAIMCRAFT utilises GAIMIN technology and incorporates it into games.

The first release of GAIMCRAFT focuses on Minecraft and introduces a blockchain …….



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