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It’s well known that killing the blue light that emits from your screens is beneficial to your eye health. In fact, ever since we started using Gunnar Optik’s Lightning Bolt 360 glasses, we’ve discovered a hell of an improvement. It’s with this which Gamer Advantage are coming to market with too, expanding out of the US and into the UK with a range of eye-care products and accessories.

Seriously dedicated to improving the eye-health of the gaming community, protecting players from damaging blue-light and increasing focus and comfort for sustained play, Gamer Advantage are looking to make a difference to your gaming sessions, with near-crucial additions to any pro-gamer’s setup.

They are one of the industry leaders in eye-care health for the gaming community, but today Gamer Advantage are announcing an expansion into the UK with its range of eye-care products and accessories. These have become available from March 1st 2022.

Highly acclaimed by gamers and eye-care professionals across North America, the range of Gamer Advantage products is pretty large, all helping and proven to improve the sleep patterns and reduce eye-fatigue for gamers, minimizing the impact of bright light from monitors and devices. It’s these which are associated with a myriad of health conditions from headaches to insomnia, with the blue-light emitted from screens also capable of wreaking havoc on gaming performance and focus during sustained play.

Leading the range of Gamer Advantage products are the Gamer Advantage’s line of clinically proven eyewear. Available in both prescription and non-prescription form, the Gamer Advantage difference is apparently clear. You see, the power of the enhanced eyewear, lies with the specially designed lens which not only provides 100% of UVA/UVB protection (something which is ideal for using as regular sunglasses when used with the built-in sun protection magnetic clip) but provides significant impact against harmful sleep disrupting blue light (455nm).

And unlike other glasses aimed at a gaming audience, the range of Gamer Advantage eyewear allow the player to view their game in true colour, free from the infamous yellow filter and general distortion associated with rival products.

They come with an extraordinary lightweight and stylish frame, as the glasses are designed with a bendable Morph-flex™ frame, designed to be used comfortably with gaming headsets. The optical grade lenses are coated with a hydrophobic coating, repelling sweat and fingerprints, ideal for competitive play.

You’ll find Gamer Advantage’s gear initially available through Amazon and , the Gamer Advantage range plans to make its range of eye-care products available to multiple UK retailers throughout the year as it expands to the rest of the EU.

In addition to their range of eyewear, Gamer Advantage take the subject of eye-health extremely seriously and provide a range of complementary accessories including a range of vitamins clinically proven to support healthy eyes, and the market-leading FogAway™ spray, ideal for use with face masks, preventing the buildup of condensation on the frames.

Commenting on the UK shipping of the range, Bryan Reedy, Founder & CEO of Gamer Advantage commented, “I have been a gamer my entire life and as a type 1 diabetic for 25 years, I understand the variety of afflictions gamers can suffer from, both short and long term. Our products were designed by people who game and for those who wish to do it for as long as possible. Our products are medical devices, not a novelty pair of glasses you …….



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