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Gaming saw a big uptick in the past two years, partly thanks to new consoles and partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a great time not just for games and consoles but also for gaming accessories that diversify the market with more options, particularly when it comes to input controls like keyboards, mice, and, of course, controllers. With many people going mobile again, the need for more portable accessories has also become more apparent. The GameSir T4 Mini is part of that new generation of controllers that has mobility at its core, and we take it for a spin to check whether or not it makes some compromises along the way to achieve its goals.


The GameSir T4 Mini, as the name suggests, is a smaller version of the gamepad maker’s GameSir T4 Pro, which, in turn, is designed to be an alternative to Nintendo’s first-party Switch Pro controller. Looks can be deceiving, as they say, and the T4 Mini actually packs quite a lot inside and then some. In fact, it even surpasses its older Pro sibling in at least one aspect.

That smaller size has a lot of benefits with very few drawbacks. It’s easy to slip into a bag or even into a large pocket, making it convenient to take with you anywhere you go, especially if you’re using it with a smartphone. It will definitely be a hit with kids or people with smaller hands, but it’s comfortable to hold and use for most people.

Its compactness will have some downsides, of course, especially for those with large hands. The plastic material that helps keep it light might scare off some gamers, but it’s quite sturdy and durable in practice. The biggest design consideration you might want to keep in mind is the lack of “wings” or extended grips, something that brings confidence in some gamers but doesn’t do much for others.

The most noteworthy part of the GameSir T4 Mini’s design, at least apart from its small size, is its translucent black body, which not only gives a glimpse of its innards but also lets the LED lights shine through. These lights can be configured to some extent or turned off completely to preserve the battery. It’s not an essential feature, especially since you’ll be relying mostly on muscle memory anyway, but it’s still a nice touch that could appeal to gamers who have a penchant for such lighting.

Connection and Controls

Although advertised as a multi-platform game controller, the GameSir T4 Mini is clearly designed with the Nintendo Switch in mind. The layout of buttons, sticks, and D-pad follows that of the Joy-cons, and the arrangement of the A, B, X, and Y buttons is the exact opposite of the Xbox layout. There are also special buttons for Home, Screenshot, Plus (+), and Minus (-) that only make sense on a Nintendo Switch.

Of course, all those buttons can be used with any compatible device, which officially includes the Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PCs. The T4 Mini mainly connects via Bluetooth, but it can also connect to PCs with a USB-C cable. There is no compatibility with any of the other consoles, whether Xbox or PlayStation.

Despite its size, the GameSir T4 Mini’s buttons offer excellent travel and have enough stiffness in them for responsiveness but aren’t too clicky or sticky. The analog joysticks feel very comfortable, especially with …….



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