Gaming is being viewed as a viable career opportunity: Vickram Bedi, Senior Director (Personal Systems), HP India – 91mobiles

Gaming is serious business, with interest in this activity possibly at an all-time high. Brands are more than happy to fuel the fire in an attempt to cater to the highly specific demands of this community. We sat down with Vickram Bedi, Senior Director (Personal Systems), HP India, to talk all things gaming, figure out where the industry is headed, and what’s HP doing to get the attention of the users.

Q. How do you see the gaming segment in India evolving, and the role HP can potentially play in that evolution?

The Indian gaming industry is growing and is right up there in the global scheme of things, and India is now becoming one of the prominent markets for gaming laptops. During the pandemic, as the interest in gaming surged, a growing trend of mobile gamers switching to PC-based gaming emerged simultaneously, giving a major growth area for HP to work on. There has also been a huge perception shift in gaming. 90 percent respondents of HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021 viewed gaming as a viable career opportunity. Moreover, we also see multiple career opportunities in the same segments as content creation, streaming, running, or organising esports activities. With this evolution, India is all set to become a PC gaming hotspot.

We were one of the earliest to come out in the industry with a complete portfolio, including desktops, laptops, backpacks for VR experiences and an ecosystem of accessories for gaming and we continue to introduce products to help our consumers have the best experience.

Q. Give us some details on HP’s range of latest gaming devices, and what you are seeking to achieve with this portfolio.

Today’s gamers need the right experience and technology to get the most out of gaming. Innovative thermal technology and winning horsepower, stunning visuals and larger screens supported with great accessories to bring games to life by enhancing the overall experience. In addition to this – given the boundaries of innovation, there’s an extremely high demand for performance, with the latest GPUs and CPUs consuming a lot of power and creating heat. Gamers are also looking for devices that are designed to match their personalities. So, we need products that can combine both these factors.

Based on this user insight, HP has engineered a new gaming ecosystem with its OMEN and Victus laptops and desktops range that not only caters to diverse types of gamers but also lets them get more immersed, involved, and improve their level of play. The OMEN and the Victus we launched last year are remarkably successful. Now, we have refreshed them with the latest technologies, the current-gen CPUs from Intel 6000 series and AMD Ryzen along with the latest GPUs from Nvidia. So, we have made minor tweaks and adjustments to an already beautiful design with Gen-on-Gen engine which drives better cooling, enabling better performance for the gamers. With the new OMEN, we refined the design – making it more elegant. Similarly, Victus follows from there – the design quotient is extremely high.




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