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One of Genshin Impact’s most draining discourses has to do with the RNG-riddled artifact system. Players will spend countless amounts of resin in hopes of an ideal drop from their domain of choice and will often be disappointed. However, what’s even more tragic is that some people will invest in artifacts that aren’t even that good because the system is just so convoluted.

Beginners might not know right away if an artifact will work well with their character or not, which makes sense because of all the information dropped on you at the game’s start. However, even when you get into the nitty-gritty of picking out ideal substats, there’s more to consider about whether or not you should keep investing in an artifact depending on what happens as you level it.

Try to avoid blindly investing in something because of a guide. Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding if your Genshin Impact artifacts are “good enough” or not.

Read the character descriptions

Focus on HP to raise both Diona’s shield strength and healing bonus. HoYoverse

Many beginners look up guides or watch videos for character builds without knowing why the authors are recommending the gear that they are. However, if you actually thoroughly read about your character’s talents, passives, and constellations, you might start to realize why.

For example, Diona’s Icy Paws description notes that the shield damage scales are based on her HP. It specifies under “Skill Attributes” exactly how much damage she can absorb with her shield. Using this formula, I was able to calculate which would benefit her shield more: a two-piece Tenacity of the Millelith or Retracing Bolide set. It turns out the 20% HP from Millelith buffed it more – not that it mattered, since I ended up equipping both sets anyway.

HP and DEF do matter

Noelle’s Breastplate description tells you that it scales based on her DEF. HoYoverse

So Diona needs HP. Noelle and Xinyan benefit from DEF. Meanwhile, Fischl especially enjoys ATK. Read the descriptions to see what your characters can utilize.

Some people will outright say that HP and DEF are useless. However, that’s not the case depending on who you need an artifact for. Noelle’s shield and heals scale based on her Defense, which is why the Whiteblind Claymore is perfect for her. As her healing capabilities and shield grow stronger with Defense, it makes sense that any artifact with a Defense substat would be ideal. A two-piece Husk of Opulent Dreams DEF buff would increase her utility even more.

Avoid investing in flat stats

Hu Tao’s Crit Damage headpiece hurt me, but it’s the only one I got.HoYoverse

For the most part, flat stats suck. Here’s why.

Say you get an artifact with flat ATK. That might seem good at first because it’s an attack boost. It’s not going to be as efficient as ATK%, though. A main DPS should ideally hit above 1000 damage when fully leveled and built — and even that’s quite low. Your +15-40 flat ATK won’t be doing you any favors. Even a 5.8% ATK boost will give you more than that with a 1000 ATK base.

Of course, some …….

Source: https://www.inverse.com/gaming/genshin-impact-artifacts-guide


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