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The GMMK 2 is a chance for Glorious to update its original keyboard designs to target those looking for a solid budget option. This time around, the GMMK 2 comes in two sizes, 65% and 96%. The latter size is especially interesting to me, as it makes full-size more accessible to gamers. What’s more, both keyboards boast a bunch of modern features that even premium keyboard enthusiasts will appreciate. Glorious has done this while still keeping the price sensible, especially for the pre-built models that include keycaps and switches. Is this another win for Glorious? Or is it a miss? This is the Glorious GMMK 2 review.

A matter of size

Glorious continues to nail its packaging, from the premium outer design to the additional goodies included within. Joining the GMMK 2 in its box is a plastic cover, which can be used as a dust cover when the board isn’t in use; a detachable USB-C cable, which is especially great to see on the 96% variant; and keycap and switch pullers, to help users take advantage of the board’s hotswappable nature.

I’ve tested both the 65% and 96% versions, one of which is black and the other which is white. There’s also a pink version available at launch, along with pink keycaps. While I’d love to see more colors in the future, this is a good number of options for release day and they can be further customized by Glorious’ wide range of accessories.

While I’m personally more into the 65% form factor for my usage, I can definitely see people picking up the 96% version for the number pad. Glorious has made it as compact as possible, fitting in the necessary buttons but minimizing the width. This makes it a viable gaming option, as there’s still a good bit of room left over for swinging a mouse.

Lube it up

Having two versions of the GMMK 2 for review also allows me to check out the consistency in the build and lubrication job. Happily, both of my units were fantastic out of the box, with a great overall feel and sound. The usual pain points for many keyboards are the stabilizers, but Glorious has done a brilliant job of rescuing its plate-mounted stabs from the rattle. The lube job was generous and consistent for both boards and I didn’t feel the need to re-lube, which is rare.

If I did need to re-lube the stabs, the spacebar would be an easy task. The foam sheet included in the GMMK 2 to help deaden sound has a cut-out for the spacebar stabs. This means users don’t have to disassemble the entire thing, which is great! What’s more, it appears that the GMMK 2 supports screw-in stabilizers here, which many will be happy to hear.

Low-key switch

The stabs aren’t the only thing hiding below the keycaps, as Glorious’ new “Fox” switches are debuting with the pre-built versions of the GMMK 2. These linear options have a red stem and transparent housing, which is a nice combination. To my ear and touch, they feel similar to the Glorious Lynx, which I’m a fan of. With that said, while I do love smooth linears and they are admittedly the best for gaming, having a tactile pre-built option would have been good to see. Glorious’ Panda switches are fantastic, …….



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