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Relive the year in video games with our best picks from Amazon.
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For all the escapists out there, it’s time to dust off your consoles and put a pause on reality. With a robust portfolio of releases this year, the gaming industry thrived and so did our fingers as we looked to fill long hours spent indoors. Thanks to the added interest from infrequent gamers, some fantastic video games have come to light in 2021.

Our list of best releases is but a glimpse of the range of titles available on Amazon’s games store. From PlayStation and Xbox to Nintendo Switch gaming accessories and consoles, the website is your one-stop shop for all your quick entertainment needs.

If you’re looking to get back into the groove and don’t know where to begin, skim our handpicked games below currently on sale. Make sure to subscribe to Amazon Prime before you order – it gives you free, one-day delivery.

1. Hades (PS5)

Fight Hades, the deity of the underworld himself, in this rogue-like action gameplay. You play as the rebellious son and prince of Hades, battling for freedom from your father’s clutches. But as is the nature of roguelike, every time you succumb to the enemy, there is no saving of progress – you begin with a clean slate and a fresh slew of monsters.

Hades’ hand-painted environment and powerful music score are a treat for the senses. Available on all popular consoles this year, our listing specifically picks a PlayStation 5 DVD at a slashed price.

2. Returnal (PS5)

Another roguelike gameplay to test your limits, Returnal takes place on a chilling alien planet where your death resets the entire world. Selene is your player, who is stranded in the company of eerie creatures, and her escape never seems to be near. Touted for its strong playability, Returnal makes sure you are glued to the screen, piecing together Selene’s horror tale in an ever-changing universe.

Returnal is available on PS5.

3. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PS5)

Final Fantasy fans, rejoice! The seventh instalment in the series got its long-awaited remake last year, and this year, it made it to PS5 with added enhancements. The action-role playing game still follows mercenary Cloud Strife and his friends, just with detailed world building, new powers and new characters. Roam the streets of Midgar city and relive the critically acclaimed gameplay on PS5.

4. Hitman 3 (PS4)

Do assassinator Agent 47’s bidding in this third and final Hitman game in the trilogy. You are travelling the world, moving in stealth and dodging intelligence officers in brand new locations, from Dubai to Romania, on a revenge-fuelled journey. This version is compatible with your virtual reality (VR) headset by PlayStation.

Hitman 3 is available on PS4.

5. Deathloop (PS5)

As the name suggests, the first-person shooter game plunges you into a vicious time loop, set in the 1960s. You play an assassin called Colt, who is trapped on an island which resets itself past midnight. To break the loop, you must take down eight targets, including a rival assassin Julianna, before the clock strikes 12, or else Colt begins his mission all over again.

Deathloop is available on PS5.

6. It Takes Two (PS4)

This two-player adventure play was crowned the best game at The Game Awards 2021. Its feel-good, wholesome and fun narrative proves that …….

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