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If a person’s life story can be told through the state of their office chairs, then mine would be near-unpublishable. I have left a trail of destruction in the wake of my sedentary lifestyle: hard-wearing workhorses passed down from my parents, a fancy Herman Miller at my former job, and the peeling faux-leather wreckage of a cheap IKEA chair that now sits forlorn in some storage area somewhere.

None of them have ever been right for me — but I’m hoping this one, the one I’m sitting in right now, can be the happy ending to my tragic seat story.

What makes a good office chair?

My current office chair is this one, if that helps your mental image (Image: IKEA)

With office chairs, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, there’s cost: although you’ll use the darn things every day for (hopefully) years, we all tend to balk at prices that trend higher than a couple of hundred dollars.

Some of us want a chair that looks a bit nicer than your bog-standard black

Secondly, there’s ergonomics, because working in front of a screen (without a good, supportive chair or a rod down your spine) is liable to turn you into a spiral-spined shrimp, a little hunchbacked husk of a person who looks like they spend all their time inspecting the floorboards for dust.

Thirdly, there’s looks. Not important to everyone, of course, but some of us — especially those who stream or care about their office aesthetic — want a chair that looks a bit nicer than your bog-standard black.

Please do not judge me on the things in the background. Unless it is the good kind of judging where you think I am cool (Image: Nintendo Life)

So, with all of that out of the way, enter: The Pikachu Chair. Technically speaking, this gorgeous piece of furniture is called the “Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Pokémon #025 Edition” (it also comes in Charizard #006 flavour), but look at it: It’s a Pikachu Chair (affectionately known as “the Pikachair”), and honestly, it’s absolutely delightful to have in my house. (The Charizard one, for reference, would be a “Chairizard”.)

Gaming chairs and the “macho” gamer aesthetic

The Pikachu Chair is a gaming chair — that specific, sleek, high-backed type of seat that you see poking above the heads of streamers everywhere. You either love them (so comfy! So stylish!) or you loathe them (I don’t want to have a nerd chair! They look like racing car seats!) and I, admittedly, am mostly in the latter camp.

The Chairizard, for reference (Image: Pokémon / Creatures inc. / Nintendo / Game Freak inc. / Secretlab)

You see, gaming accessories are generally very macho, as evidenced by my “Bazooka” graphics card and my “Republic of Gamers” PC, as if everything should be named after guns and war lest it invalidate someone’s delicate sense of masculinity.

Gaming chairs are no different, although lately they have also begun to come in pink, in an attempt to appeal to this bewildering new demographic called “women”. I was expecting the Pikachair to be macho, too, despite the wee rodent being a chunky little idiot that definitely looks more like a baby bunny than a gun — and my aesthetic sensibilities really tend more towards the cute and cuddly.

Proof of my “…….

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