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2022 saw the release of several new gaming accessories and peripherals from the likes of giants like Razer, Microsoft, Turtle Beach and more.

From gaming controllers and headphones to mice and LED lights for your gaming space, here are some of the best gaming accessories MobileSyrup covered in 2022.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2

The Turtle Beach Steal 700 Gen 2s are one of the more comfy gaming headsets we reviewed this year. Their ear cups are made of a black synthetic leather with memory foam cushioning that feels firm and cups your ear well, while a layer of “Aerofit” cooling gel lined into the ear cushion helps keep your head and ears cool during extended gaming sessions.

The headset’s main strength is its compatibility. The headphones are officially licensed by Microsoft for the Xbox, so it’s a given that they work well with Microsoft’s consoles. However, they work equally well with the PlayStation 4 and 5, Switch and PC, thanks to the included 2.4GHz mini-USB transmitter.

The headphones can pair with your devices using Bluetooth too, which means they work with your Android and iOS smartphones, and feature impressive 40+ hours of battery life on a single charge.

On the audio side of things, “the headset offers distortion-free highs and booming full-body bass that you can feel. I could hear every little detail in the games I tested, and it made for an engaging experience,” reads our review of the headset. 

Read the complete review here for in-depth information about the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2s.

The headset is available at the Turtle Beach store and on Amazon for $199.99.

Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

The Razer Basilisk V3 Pro was released in August this year, and has quickly become one of the best gaming mice on the market. The Basilisk V3 Pro sports a HyperScroll Tilt Wheel, Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3, a ton of programmable buttons, Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor, and all the RGB lighting you could want in a gaming mouse.

The Basilisk V3 Pro sports a USB-C port on the front, so you can plug it in and use it while charging, or you can choose to purchase an additional dock to charge the mouse wirelessly. It features a thumb button for activating the ‘Sensitivity Clutch,’ a feature to temporarily reduce or increase mouse sensitivity.

Further, similar to most modern gaming mice, the Basilisk V3 Pro features a DPI button to cycle through different sensitivities. However, what’s impressive is that the Basilisk V3 shows the DPI on your computer screen when cycling. This is much more accessible than showing a little LED light with a different colour for each DPI setting, especially since those LED presets are always hard to remember.

You can learn more about Basilisk V3 Pro here. The mouse starts at $219.99.

Razer Viper V2 Pro

Unlike the Basilisk V3 Pro, Razer took a more minimalist approach with the Viper V2 Pro. The Viper V2 Pro gaming mouse combines the company’s technical prowess with a fluff-less layout that makes the mouse suitable for those looking for a high-performance mouse and nothing more.

The mouse has no RGB lights, allowing Razer to get rid of the extra weight they carry. It weighs in at just 58g, making it one of the lighter gaming mice on the market. The omission of two side buttons on the right, while retaining the side buttons on the left also …….



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