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IF YOU got a brand new Sony Playstation 5 this holiday season, then these add-on accessories can help improve your gaming experience.

From improved headsets to internal drives that give your console extra storage, you’re going to want to pick these items up for your PS5 ASAP.


PS5’s add-on accessories can help make your experience much better.

Sony DualSense Controller

Of course, every new PS5 includes one DualSense controller, however, it doesn’t hurt to pick up an extra one to play 2-player games with someone else.

Plus, buying a separate controller (usually $70 apiece) gives you the option of choosing from several new colors that don’t come with the PS5 console.

These colors include Cosmic Red and Midnight Black.

You can also now pre-order the Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, or Galactic Purple controllers, which Sony unveiled in December 2021.

PlayStation 5 HD Camera

Perhaps you want to use your brand-new PS5 to live-stream video games or broadcast your gameplay.

If so, purchasing the Playstation 5 HD camera (which retails for about $60 on Amazon) might be a good move for you.

And this camera comes with some newer upgrades from the previous PS4 version, including dual 1080p lenses, as well as the ability to remove your camera’s background and replace it with something else.

Sony Pulse 3D Headset

This wireless headset, which goes for about $100, takes PS5 gaming to another level.

This noise-canceling headset allows you to communicate effortlessly with friends during games and enjoy MP3 audio.

However, because the headset’s audio capabilities have received such good reviews, it has actually become pretty hard to score one, which is why you have to snag them quickly when they become available somewhere.

WD Black SN850 (500GB)

If running out of storage capacity has always been a problem for you, then you need to purchase the WD SN850 internal drive, which can go from around $129.99 to $169.99.

This device can give you 500GB of extra storage and runs at 7,000MB/s.

If that’s not enough for you, the drive also comes in two other models that offer 1TB and 2TB storage capacity.


The Playstation 5 HD camera can help you broadcast your gameplay.Credit: Sony

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