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Virtual gaming is arguably one of the most exciting blockchain use cases. The ability to allocate verifiable and traceable ownership to in-game items for players expands the gaming universe, merging it with real-world economies. This notion has become popular, allowing for the development of games such as Decentraland (MANA), one of the first decentralized metaverse games.

In this beginner’s guide to playing metaverse games, we take a look at how to play in Decentraland. 

What are metaverse games?

The metaverse has become a fast-growing new space, birthing new virtual worlds. Before we take a look at how to play metaverse games, it’s imperative that we get an understanding of what the metaverse is and what metaverse games are.  

The metaverse is a proxy digital reality that consolidates augmented reality, extended reality, and virtual reality making it possible for human beings to play, “live,” and work digitally. 

Simply put, the metaverse is somewhat a virtual version of the real world we live in. 

So, what then are metaverse games?

Gaming in the metaverse is a method players use to interact with others in real-time while representing themselves as avatars, whether via online apps or games. The activities in metaverse games reflect those in the real world. 

Metaverse games are a blend of open-world games, cryptoassets, virtual reality, live-streaming, and social media. And unlike today’s digital games, metaverse games happen in real-time. That means there are no game overs, pauses, or resets. 

To successfully play a metaverse game like Decentraland, players need fast internet connections and virtual gear to get an immersed experience.

What is Decentraland?

Created in 2017 and opened to the public in 2020, Decentraland has grown to become one of today’s most popular metaverse games. 

Decentraland is an NFT-centric, play-to-earn blockchain game where players can build their own programs and sceneries, explore other users’ habitats, and even trade their virtual possessions to earn an income. Built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, players can also create digital land, virtual real estate (in the form of NFTs) and sell them for the in-game currency, MANA.

Viral landowners are able to build and display their own creations on their plots of land for others to see. In addition, players can purchase parcels of land from Decentraland’s official marketplace or from secondary NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea

Land and in-game purchases are bought using MANA or other supported tokens. Land on Decentraland is also capped at 90,000, which creates scarcity to increase the potential value of LAND NFTs. Landowners with more than one piece of land can create larger plots of land by merging adjacent plots of land into estates. 

Thanks to its metaverse-like look and feel, Decentraland’s popularity has skyrocketed among crypto-savvy investors and play-to-earn gamers. 

So, how can you play the Decentraland game on the metaverse? Let’s dive in and find out more.

Requirements to play Decentraland

Before you get started on playing Decentraland, you will need a computer with at least 4GB of memory, a quad-core processor, a good video card, an updated Chrome or Firefox browser, an Internet connection with at least 10MB download speed, and a MetaMask wallet. 

Playing Decentraland on an old (non-gaming) laptop will prevent you from experiencing the early-stage metaverse fully. 

You will also need to have Decentraland’s …….



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