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HyperX creates some of the most well-rounded and value-driven PC gaming accessories on the market, with a wide range of options for every need and use case. The company has long been a sponsor of TimTheTatMan, a popular gaming YouTuber and streamer, and the duo is now taking their partnership to new heights with the announcement of the HyperX TimTheTatMan Collection.

The limited edition collection includes four of HyperX’s most popular PC accessories, each of which ranks among the best PC gaming accessories you can buy. TimTheTatMan reportedly chose each accessory as options he uses on and offline, and partnered with HyperX to deck out the selections in their iconic black and yellow color scheme and “triple-T” logo. The collection is being touted as perfect peripherals for the “tatmanarmy,” and includes:

This collection is obviously targeted toward self-proclaimed members of the tatmanarmy looking to show their support, but those looking to pick up any of these HyperX accessories may also be swayed by the black and yellow colorways. HyperX intends for the entire TimTheTatMan Collection to go on sale in May, 2022 at the links (and prices) listed below, but warns that there may be some delays with shipping due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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