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REED CITY — Access to toys can be a big benefit for local kids and adults alike, and the latest business to come to Reed City aims to provide unique toys and games for residents. 

The first Toy Town store opened in Cadillac, and owner Thaddeus Gommesen is looking to bring his diverse product offerings to Reed City.

The new store, at 102 West Upton Ave., takes over the space formerly occupied by Magnolia Boutique & Gifts. 

Gommesen said adding store locations has always been a goal. 

“Almost as soon as I bought toy town in Cadillac, I wanted to kind of have an eye on growth at least,” Gommesen said. “I know that there’s a lack of like places for kids to go and things to do in a lot of small towns. I want to have people come in and be able to get to know the employees, and have just a place where people can kind of experience the toy store. We have an open box policy on about 90% of our products, so people can test almost anything. We just want people to have something to do and a place to go.”

Gommesen said he wants to emulate the success he has had in Cadillac, and keep an eye open for a potential new location.

 “We went down toward Big Rapids and couldn’t find the right place when we looked starting in about 2020,” Gommesen said. “Then this building came open in Reed City. We just saw the sign and we thought, ‘hey, we’ll talk to the owners and see what we can figure out,’ and then just kind of all worked out from there.” 

The new store will be featuring toys and games for kids of all ages and will include plush toys, puzzles, classic and modern toys. The store will also carry accessories specifically for kids, as well as books and educational products that encourage learning during play. 

Gommesen said he made it a mission to provide a range of products.

“We kind of keep the perspective of starting with the classics and move on from there,” Gommesen said. “So we do a lot of the wooden toys, blocks, dolls, and classic toys, but we do have a diversified selection, so we have a lot of building toys especially for older kids. We’re trying to work in a lot more books down in the city because we know that that’s something that there’s not a lot of down there, even some of the fashion items for little girls like purses, and we just got these new slides or sandals so that’s going to be I think a big thing this year.

“We have a lot of games a lot of games and puzzles,” he added. “That’s a huge portion of our store. So games for all ages, puzzles for all ages. I think our biggest puzzle we carry right now is about 3,000 pieces.”

Upon opening, the store offered special deals like a free …….



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