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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have officially ended, but the slightly less official Cyber Week deals period starts today. Retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon are still offering discounts on hundreds of products, including Nintendo Switch games and accessories. Although you might find it rather difficult to pick up a console, which remains wildly popular and hard to buy, there are slews of deals available on games, accessories.

But if you already have the console, or you need some advice on where to get it, read on for deals on games, accessories and advice on catching new stock when it lands.

It’ll be tough to find a Nintendo Switch on Cyber Monday. Thankfully, deals on games and accessories … [+] are plentiful if you already have one.

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Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Sales: Consoles

Finding a Switch, any Switch, is hard before we even get to discounts. Retailers know this so it’s unlikely you’ll find the Nintendo console for less than RRP. It also happens to be sold out at most places, but at the time of writing there appears to be stock at Walmart right now for the regular Switch model from third party sellers for a higher price. The Switch OLED – both the console and bundles – is also being sold at a premium by third party sellers at Walmart.

Nintendo Switch Is Available For A Premium From Third-Party Sellers

If you badly want a Switch and don’t mind paying a premium for it, Walmart still has genuine third-party listings.

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Walmart Has Nintendo Switch OLED Console For Over RRP

You can pick up the Switch OLED from a Walmart third party seller for about $150 over the regular price, but if you can wait hold on for more stock drops in the run up to Christmas.

The Switch Lite Is Available (Temporarily) At Amazon

Amazon’s market place also has Switch models in stock, but they’re also being sold at a higher price than normal.

Keep Checking For A Nintendo Switch From Best Buy

Best Buy has been one of the reliable retailers to secure a Nintendo Switch. As of writing, the Nintendo Switch is sold out completely, though Best Buy is known to quietly replenish stock throughout the day. Click here to check if any other Switch systems are in stock at the moment.

At the moment, Target, GameStop and even are among the popular online retailers that are currently sold out of all Nintendo Switch game consoles, although each continues to offer a nice selection of popular games and accessories available at discounted prices in conjunction with “Cyber Week”.

Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Sales: Game Deals

Many popular retailers are offering Nintendo Switch games on …….



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