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Most of the time, PC steering wheels are overlooked because there are now consoles and the likes. But as the gaming industry gains ground, PC gaming steering wheels are shifting into other gaming devices, too. This time, it is available for Xbox and similar devices as well.

Luckily for you, PXN is always ready to set up your best gaming experience. As one of the best providers of gaming consoles and accessories, PXN is set to level up your gaming experience to a whole new level with a PC and Xbox steering wheel that is also compatible with other modern consoles.

What Steering Wheel Should I Buy for a PC?

As an avid racing game player, controllers aren’t the pick of the bunch. Plus, these could divert your focus away from the game. Meanwhile, racing games on a PC would not work with just a mouse and keyboard either.

To fully immerse with your favorite racing game with just a personal computer, gaming accessories like a PC steering wheel are everything you need.

PXN V900 Gaming Racing Steering Wheel

Don’t be fooled with the name though, because the PXN V900 is not just a racing steering wheel for PCs. It is also compatible with most modern consoles. More than that, PXN V900 is a complete package for your gaming experience because you will get a PC steering wheel and pedals.

(Photo : Tech Times)

You can connect the steering wheel and pedals to a PC with a USB Type-A to Type-A cable. To connect to a console, a USB Type-A to Micro USB cable is required.


  • Wide compatibility. It is not just your typical PC steering wheel as it supports gaming consoles, like Xbox One/Xbox Series X, S/ PS3/ PS4 /Nintendo Switch.

  • Smart change for your different games. There are two different modes based on the type of game being played. The first enables you to rotate the wheel 270 degrees, while the second allows you to turn it 450 degrees in either direction. The first mode is mostly designed for racing games, like Need for Speed, while the second one is usually for truck simulators. Both modes are still usable for different racing games of your choice.

  • Immersive design. This PC gaming steering wheel comes with two pedals to simulate the actual racing experience. The PC steering wheel measures 11 inches in dimensions, similar to a conventional racing steering wheel. It is also constructed using ABS plastic with rubberized grips. The ergonomic handle reduces slippage and makes it more comfortable to use. You can fix the gaming steering wheel onto your PC using suction cups or mount clamps.

  • Adaptive linear pedals. You can shift gears with the paddles on the steering wheel PXN V900 since the pedals are designed primarily for automatic transmissions. Although there is no clutch, there are still brakes and gas pedals. Moreover, this pedal is made of matte black ABS plastic and has a rubberized bottom to prevent it from slipping on the floor. There is also a pad to prevent your feet from slipping while you play.

PXN V900’s most distinctive feature is its steering wheel. A full set of standard controls is located on the front of …….

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