Logitech’s new Aurora gaming accessories are ‘inclusive’ but expensive – Yahoo! Voices


Russia’s Avtovaz offers Izhevsk staff $3,000 to quit voluntarily

Russia’s biggest carmaker Avtovaz, which suspended some production due to sanctions and lack of components, is offering workers at its Izhevsk plant a one-off payment of about $3,000 to take voluntary redundancy, it said on Wednesday. Avtovaz resumed production of some of its popular Lada models at its main plant in Togliatti in June after partially halting output in the spring due to a shortage of electronic parts caused by sanctions. The company, whose long-time shareholder, French carmaker Renault, sold its stake to a Russian investor in May, was unable to relaunch production of the Lada Vesta model and sent 3,200 staff from its Izhevsk plant in central Russia on paid leave in March.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/now/logitechs-introduces-line-of-gender-inclusive-gaming-accessories-090711002.html


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