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The Engravings system in Lost Ark is a very important tool that can make or break your build. This includes whether you’re still making your way through the story or you are on the cusp of reaching the endgame.

The engravings are impactful parts of the build, that amplify certain class-specific skills and provide your character with temporary, or permanent buffs that can completely change the play style of your class.

The more powerful and generally good the buff, the more likely it is for it to have a negative side-effect as well.

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How to Get Engravings in Lost Ark

Engravings will unlock after level 27.

Engravings appear on accessories and ability stones. They come in multiple types and change stats of your character or modify class-specific abilities, and sometimes completely change the play style of your class.

  • Engravings appear as buffs randomly on accessories/jewelry and ability stones upon obtaining them from either missions or drops
  • They work on a Level upgrade system, with 3 levels, each containing 5 nodes
  • You can add one custom engraving on each of your Ring pieces

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Engraving Types in Lost Ark

Engravings in Lost Ark come in a few types that each offer different abilities.

  • Normal Engraving – These engravings are used by any class and have more general effects. An example of this engraving can be Grudge which offers +4/10/20% Damage to Boss or higher-ranking foes. +20% Damage from them
  • Negative Engraving – This type of engraving offers only de-buffs, and you generally want to avoid having them inside your build. There are not many de-buff engravings, but those that exist usually decrease one of the four core stats of your character: Attack Power, Attack Speed, Defense, and Speed.
  • Class Engraving – The most powerful engravings, these can offer buffs that completely change how you play your character. Each class is limited to two class engravings. For example, the Gunslinger class has access to Time to Hunt that offers 20/25/30% Crit chance, but your character becomes unable to use the shotgun stance, and Peacemaker which offers a variety of buffs such as Atk. Speed, Crit Rate, Damage to foes, and additional Damage to low HP targets for a limited amount of time.

But which class is best for you in Lost Ark? Be sure to do your research!

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How to Upgrade Engravings in Lost Ark

Since the engravings work based on a three-level system, with each level containing 5 nodes, you will need a total of 15 node points.

Books are another big source of power for your engravings.

Books come in …….

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