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The new MG20 wireless gaming headset for Master & Dynamic is a Rolls-Royce product that offers 7.1 … [+] surround sound and apt HD hi-res audio codec.

Master & Dynamic

It seems that some people take their gaming so seriously, they will go to almost any lengths to win. No matter what it takes, having the best controller, keyboard and mouse are all part of the gaming experience, with some players even having lucky mice or a favorite gaming control. The same could be true of gaming headsets that are essential for hearing your teammates clearly or when you need to be able to hear the slightest creak of a floorboard as an assassin creeps up behind you. If you want to win, you need the best tools to give you the edge.

Addressing this incredibly discerning market for the first time is Master & Dynamic, the deluxe headphone company from the USA. The all-new MG20 is the first gaming headset that Master & Dynamic has created. A lot of time has gone into making it as good as it can be. The MG20 breaks new ground in gaming headsets by being a seriously luxury gaming headset with some standout features that should give it the edge.

Crafted from high-grade magnesium, lambskin leather and Alcantara earpads, the MG20 comes with a deluxe detachable boom microphone with an onboard microphone array for the clearest voice pick up while playing or making video calls. The MG20 is kitted out with oversized 50mm Beryllium drivers to deliver the highest quality sound. And believe me when I say that the sound of the MG20 is stunning.

This premium headset from Master & Dynamic has a removable boom with a multi-mic array. Its handles … [+] most audio codecs and includes 7.1 surround sound for use with compatible gaming consoles.

Master & Dynamic

There’s also 7.1 Surround Sound built-in that works with compatible 7.1 devices. Master & Dynamic claims the new headset provides brilliant acoustics with the 7.1 enabled so that gamers can lose themselves in a game. That’s no idle boast and pressing the 7.1 surround sound button certainly opens up a spacious and focused soundstage.

The MG20 headset is available in black or white.

Master & Dynamic

According to Jonathan Levine, the urbane CEO and founder of Master & Dynamic: “​​We knew the time was right to create a luxury gaming headset. Our goal with the MG20 was to deliver the exceptional sound and design that Master & Dynamic is known for. The MG20 will satisfy both the professional and recreational gamer looking for technical performance, sophisticated style and high-quality materials.”

The MG20 has a host of new features designed to optimize the headset’s performance. This is the first Master & Dynamic headset to feature superb 50mm Beryllium drivers and include 7.1 surround sound. There’s support for Qualcomm’s high-quality aptX HD audio codec for listening to hi-res music, plus there’s also aptX Low-Latency codec for mobile gaming without losing sync between sound and vision.

The fit of the Master & Dynamic MG20 is extremely comfortable thanks to a combination of aluminium … [+] and magnesium, plus an Alacantara headband and earpads. </…….



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