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The MC Championships (MCC) are a staple in the Minecraft community. The epic tournament runs on a monthly basis with 40 creators participating. They’re divided into 10 teams who compete in various mini-games to try and be the squad that secures ultimate victory.

While MCC remains an exclusive event for creators, Noxcrew has been working behind the scenes on a Minecraft server, called MCC Island, for about two years. Now, a little bit over one year since the server was unveiled to the public, MCC Island is in closed beta and many fans are finally getting the chance to play their favorite MCC games.

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In addition to a stunning map and popular MCC mini-games, players who travel to MCC Island will also have the opportunity to purchase unique customization features to truly make their character stand out. Cosmetics in MCC Island are already extremely customizable, but the team has even more plans to develop them further and hopes to add many “new features to the cosmetics system in the future.”

How to unlock cosmetics in MCC Island

MCC Island cosmetics can be unlocked in a variety of different ways.

  • They can be unlocked by opening Customization Crates, which are earned through playing MCC Island mini-games.
  • They can be unlocked by spending coins at the Shopping District that players have earned through MCC Island mini-games.
  • They can be obtained at Game Token Shops, which are found in the game lobbies​.
  • They can be unlocked as a faction reward.
  • They can be obtained from hidden vendors located around MCC Island.
  • They will eventually be able to be unlocked through completing various achievements, world quests, and special events. This feature is not implemented yet but is planned and coming soon.

Image via MCC Island

Types of cosmetics in MCC Island

There are a total of four kinds of different cosmetics that players can currently unlock on MCC Island. These cosmetics are hats, accessories, trails, and auras.


This type of cosmetic is pretty self-explanatory, but the MCC Island team has many variations and options when it comes to the types of hats players can attain. They even have one that is an entire Decision Dome, which avid MCC watchers will know as the location where teams choose which game will be played next, that players can place atop their heads.

Image via MCC Island


These types of cosmetics are smaller ones that players will hold in their hands. Accessories can be anything from a spatula to a wizard’s staff to a laser sword.

Image via MCC Island


Trails are particle paths that are left behind players as they travel. These have many different color options, shapes, and various other special effects that are sure to help players further customize their characters. Trails can only be obtained by those who reach the Grand Champ rank and are primarily found at the Grand Champ “Sky Lounge.”

Image via MCC Island


This kind of cosmetic goes around players to give them a visible aura. Like Trails, Auras too are exclusive to …….



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